Valentines Day!

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I'm ever a fan of homemade things. Food. Crafts. Decor. All of it. There's something extremely satisfying about putting your own "sweat and blood" into a project. Especially when you're giving it as a gift.

So, naturally, with Valentine's Day looming ahead, I'm already past the Super Bowl Madness and ready for some quality gift-giving.

So, what's your plan? What are you making for Valentine's Day?  Here are a few tried-and-true favorites...

Is "the way to his heart through his stomach?"
Whip up a tray full of Nutella Cookie Dough Cupcakes! Really, though... who wouldn't want (a) Nutella Whip Cream Frosting, (b) Cookie Dough filling, and (c) CUPCAKES?! All wrapped into one?! Maybe you should make them for Heidi instead...
Is he a mint lover, like my dutch boy?
Make your own Peppermint Patties and tie them up in a tupperware with a red bow!

Is he a photographer?
Put a spin on this DIY Camera Bag Tutorial (check it out on The Frugal Girls here). Grab him a "manly" bag (or 'murse,' if you will) at a store like T.J. Maxx and find a solid color fabric or use denim to line the inside!

Is he an aficionado of coffee, tea, or beer?
Make scrabble coasters using 4 or 5 letter words. Good examples are: cafe, brew, bean, beer

Know his favorite song lyrics or quotes?? 
-- or want to use the lyrics from "your song?"
Use old wood scraps to make wall art using quotes or lyrics.

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