Wish List 2.10.12

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Last night, I did some experimenting with Photoshop on the train. I've been having some arrow frustrations (yes, that's a real thing!). The Photoshop arrows just... well, they suck and look like kindergarten decor (no offense, Mom). I've been dreaming of some pencil/chalk-looking swirly arrows that I could free hand in Photoshop instead of using a pre-defined arrow shape (because, let's face it, pre-defined arrows are just less fancy).

Anyways (stop snoring!), here's what I ended up with! For the Photoshop junkies out there, I'll be back in the next few days with a tutorial on those fabulously chalk-and-pencil-ified arrows!

For now, here are my three four wishes...

Pink Wayfarers from Woodzee
Chicago Skyline Wallart Mural
Knappa Lighting
Boho Fringe Bag

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