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Two Things: 1. The need for a bedside table in Justin's apartment was beginning to get a little overwhelming for me.2. The need to turn any and everything into a chalkboard can be difficult to shake. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

We did some searching around various thrift stores to find just the right item, but the search yielded no results. So we decided to use a table that I had in my room. We got some awesome drawer handles at Ikea, some paint at Home Depot (special thanks to the dancing paint expert who manually dialed up our paint mix as the store was closing), and decided to go to work.

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  • 1 Bedside Table
  • 3 packs of these Ikea Drawer Handles
  • Latex Paint
  • Non-Sanded Tile Grout
  • Spackle
  • Painter's tape
  • Sandpaper

How we did it:

1. First, we removed the old handles from the drawers.

2. Next, we wanted to ensure that we had a smooth surface to paint. We spackled the holes and inconsistencies left over from the previous handles and let the spackle dry overnight.

3. The next morning, we sanded the surface of the drawers, then wiped them clean.

4. Then we taped them. We wanted to make sure we didn't end up with paint on the areas that needed to smoothly slide in an out of the furniture. Anyone who has ever accidentally painted those areas will know what I'm saying. Jerky drawers = no thanks!

5. Next, we mixed the chalkboard paint.
One tablespoon of non-sanded tile grout per one cup of paint
Mix very thoroughly (the mix is more consistent when you only mix one cup at a time!)


6. Next came the painting. We applied a thick coat to the front of each drawer as well as the top of the dresser itself.

7. Sand out any inconsistencies. Here's a few examples of the inconsistencies you might find. Our paint ended up with a few wrinkles/cracks.

8. After sanding, ensure that you check the sides for chipping (as you'll notice, we had a few). You may want to add a second layer, to smooth or disguise any inconsistencies and to cover any chipping on the sides.

9. Attach the drawer handles. We decided on a set of Ikea handles early on (like before we even started the project). We fell in love with the clean, streamlined look of their "Strecket" handles. When we finally made it to Ikea, though, there was a near heart attack when they were out of them... it wasn't until we reached a second section of handle sets that I suddenly gasped with delight, having spotted these babies!

10. Condition the chalkboard surface by rubbing chalk over them and wiping it clean... then DRAW!

FOR NOW, here are a few late night shots of how it turned out. We'll move this sucker into place this weekend and get some photos up of its new space in its new home :)

And, just because this is too precious not to share, check out Hazel... she very attentively watched Justin as he sanded the drawers. It was too cute.


  1. What a great DIY idea. This would be great for my kids' rooms. Thanks!
    Over from Friday Blog AND Google + Hop

  2. Wow, what a difference some new paint and knobs can make! And how fun is it that you can write on it to!?

    ~em at small girl, big world

  3. This is so cute! It would look awesome in a guest room-- you could label the drawers so guests would know what fun stuff you had for them. Great job, and thanks for linking up again!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

  4. The use of white board paint like this is very good. I had never thought of using this like this. Gonna try this one at my home as well.


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