Revised Paleolithic Diet

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Check it out! I've re-vamped my Food and Fitness pages to be more intuitive and navigable. You'll find lots of new resources on the Fitness page as well as (finally) a link to my nutritional/diet philosophy and a number of recipes to get you started with that.

I've gotten a few questions about what kind of "diet" I follow. Instead of following the diet fads of the year week, I follow a set of general guidelines, which is essentially a Revised Paleolithic Diet. The guidelines are pretty easy to comprehend and follow, as the "diet" is more of a philosophy than a set of specific foods to purchase and cook with.

Why It Matters:
  • Good Eats = Good Workouts. You have to be eating well to reap the benefits of even the most grueling workouts. That means getting lots of protein, healthy fats, and good carbohydrates.
  • Good Eats = Good Energy. Really. It makes a huge difference. By being conscious about your diet, you can ensure that your body is getting the nutrients you need. Without those nutrients, your body often feels tired and hungry, even when your stomach is full.

Main Points of the Revised Paleolithic Diet:
  • Eat like your ancestors... in a modern world. While the Paleolithic diet may have once been ideal, I believe that we ought to allow ourselves some variation in order to accommodate the world we live in, taking into account...
    • Our activity level has changed (read more)
    • We have more knowledge/information about the human body (read more)
    • Some foods have become more accessible while others have become less accessible (read more)
  •  Method: Optimize, Limit, Avoid
    • Optimize nomadic foods (read more)
    • Limit non-nomadic farm foods (read more)
    • Avoid foods that wouldn't have been possible back-in-the-day (read more)

Want to actually READ my diet philosophy and the Revised Paleolithic Diet? I've written all about it on a static page so that I can easily edit it and update you guys with new recipes as time goes on. You can access the Diet Philosophy & Recipes page here or via my Fitness or Food pages!


  1. Paleolithic diet give up eating any kind of processed food, and survive by eating what is provided by nature, that is, vegetables, meat, berries, nuts, fruits, and water.In Paleolithic diet do not eat refined sugar, iodized salt, dairy products, grains and so on.Paleolithic diet is not good in taste for that you can find several recepies online.For more details refer Paleolithic Diet

    1. Hey Meghu,
      This is a revised paleolithic diet, not the original hunter gatherer paleolithic diet. As a result, the rules are different than what you've described and listed in the link you posted. The reason we have revised the paleolithic diet is that we firmly believe that food should be enjoyable, customize-able, and convenient. I would never be able to stick to a diet that was inconvenient, flavorless, or not easily customized to my lifestyle -- and the goal of this website is to encourage people to not just diet for a few days or weeks but to change their overall eating plan. As a result, the customized aspects of this nutritional plan take the paleolithic diet you described and make it EASY, DELICIOUS, and CONVENIENT! Let me know if you have any questions about it :)


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