Free Workout Music Timed for Intervals and Tabatas

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Monday's Tabata post (Full Body Workout in 25 Minutes) inspired a few hours of music editing on my part (with the help of a certain someone who has much more musical expertise than myself... cough cough... Justin). I realized that, first of all, many of you don't have interval or tabata timers. Sure, you can download HIIT or Interval timer apps on your iPhone or Android device... but then you're stuck watching the timer or using your phone that you normally use for music as a timer. Tisk tisk. That will not do.

So here's my solution. Each of these songs are perfectly timed for Tabatas and interval workouts (Looking for Tabata workouts? Find workouts for your arms, legs, butt, and abs here, or full body workouts here and here!).

The basics:
  • Each song is 4 minutes long (except for the last song, which is 25 minutes long and includes 6 different tabata setsm each of which are 4 minutes).
  • Each song includes 8 sets of 20 second exercise segments interspersed with 10 second rests.
  • Static starts out each song.
  • "3...2...1... BEEP!" counts down to each 20-second exercise segment. Once you hear the beep, start working as hard and fast as you can!
  • "RRRRINGGG!" a school-bell alerts you that your 20-second exercise segment has ended and you now have 10 seconds to rest.
  • Static plays during the 10 second rest segments, just in case your brain restarts and you can't remember what you're supposed to be doing.
  • Fog Horns that last about 3 long seconds alert you that the 4 minute Tabata set has finished. This might become your favorite sound in the world...

Download For Free by clicking "Download
(On the top-right of the boxes containing each song, next to "Like" and right above "Share").

Four Minute Tabata Tracks:

25 Minute 6 Set Tabata Track:


  1. There's no links to music?

    1. Sorry about that! Soundcloud, where the files are hosted, is down for maintenance right now -- but they're working to get that site back up and running! Once they're back online, they'll be on here to live stream or download for free :)

    2. 4 years later, it's still "on maintenance" :/

  2. Great tunes! May I as where you got the timer cues from?

    1. May I ask* Sorry for the typo


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