Nuts and Seeds Part Three: Pumpkin Seeds

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As you may recall, my lovely friend Jordan over at Exclusively Chic asked me about nuts and seeds. Why are nuts and seeds so good for you? What's the big deal??

To catch up on what the big deal is and read tips for nut use, take a look at this post. If you missed it, here's the brief version: Protein, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Fibers, and Lignans. All good things and ALL found in nuts and seeds!

The Nuts And Seeds Gang:
Over the next few weeks, stop by for eight posts about nuts and seeds, how to incorporate them into your diet, which ones are best, and recipes for use...
  1. Flax Seeds
  2. Chia Seeds
  3. Pumpkin Seeds
  4. Sesame Seeds
  5. Sunflower Seeds
  6. Walnuts
  7. Pistachios
  8. Almonds

Pumpkin Seeds: The "Low Dose" Seed

    Good source of essential fatty acids and vitamins/nutrients like potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, and copper, protein, and vitamin K.
    Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of "random" essential nutrients that your body needs, like the three "P"s (protein, potassium, phosphorous), the two "M"s (magnesium, manganese), and zinc, iron, copper, etc... A small handful of these seeds will reinvigorate you with a healthy dose of vitamins. Because they're not particularly flavorful on their own, they can be made to taste like just about anything... from sweet to salty, oriental to cajun, and so on. P.S. I'm looking forward to trying these with a cinnamon and truvia outer shell!
    These seeds have tryptophan, the nasty little thing in Turkey that makes you so tired after turkey dinner. Watch out when eating these before a big race! That said, remember that seeds, in general, provide an excellent source of energy, so they're not likely to change the course of your day in any negative way.
  • CALORIES IN 1/4 CUP: 200
    In general, baking/roasting nuts and seeds is discouraged... but Pumpkin seeds can be hard to eat otherwise, so go ahead! They're freshest in the fall, so focus on adding them to your diet during that time!

Credits: Image Pumpkin Seeds

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