Pick Your Workouts Based on How Much Time You Have

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Let me guess: You're busy. We're busy with commuting, office chairs, and meetings... or we're busy with tiny little feet, not-so-tiny diapers, and spilled milk all over the rug...  too many loads of laundry, too many rides to practice, too many needs, too many wants...

So where does your workout fit in?
From now on, when you're looking for an easy way to get a quick workout in, here's your resource. If you have thirty, fifteen, or even just FIVE minutes, you can do a workout! These workouts are designed to speed up your metabolism for over 24 hours after exercising, allowing you to work out for as little as 4 minutes and still see results!

How Much Time Do You Have?

Five Minutes or Less:

Fifteen Minutes or Less:

Thirty Minutes or Less:

More than Thirty Minutes:

About These Workouts:
These workouts are based on Tabatas, a type of workout that is based on creating an "Oxygen Debt." To put it simply, the scientifically timed intervals in Tabatas cause you to burn off all of the fuel in your muscles... meaning that your body is forced to find a way to replace all of that energy.  How, might you ask?  By burning fat.  In fact, Tabatas are so effective that just one Tabata workout increases endurance as much as 45 minutes of your regular cardio training would.

All you need is a way to time your workouts in intervals of 20 seconds to 10 seconds. You can download an Interval Timer app on your smart phone OR download FREE workout music that is perfectly timed out to tell you when to start and stop!

More Information:
Looking for more information about fitness and getting in shape? Check out these fitness resources, this list of healthy recipes, and this diet and nutritional philosophy!

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