Skinny Dessert Recipes

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As summer begins to creep in on us, I'm sure a lot of you are becoming a bit more conscious about food than you were during the winter (or, as I like to call it, hibernation) season. Many people turn to workouts to ramp up their fitness (if you're looking for a full body workout in 25 minutes, check this one out!), while forgetting one very important factor: Exercise + Nutrition = Fitness. Whether we like it or not, we've got to start finding healthier ways to satisfy our sweet teeth!

In an effort to put a smile on your face without putting the pounds on your belly, here are a few delicious dessert recipes along with calorie information and weight watchers points! They're all kid-tested and man-approved! Check out my diet philosophy page for an explanation of foods to optimize, limit, and avoid and find more delicious-yet-healthy recipes!

P.S. If you're still adamant about hopping on the workout train, check out the following links!

130 Calorie Carrot Cake Pops
The perfect serving size for a small piece of cake, these carrot cake pops are so fun that even your kids will love them!
Calories Per Serving: 127
WW Points: 3
WW Points Plus: 3

100 Calorie Skinny Oreo Dip
Does it get any better than a bowl full of Oreo Dip?! Serve this as a appetizer -- no one will believe it's only 100 calories per serving!
Calories Per Serving: 100
WW Points: 2
WW Points Plus: 3

Skinny Monkey 
Remember Chunky Monkey ice cream? I thought I'd never be able to enjoy that treat again... until I discovered that you can make your own Chunky Monkey -- I mean SKINNY Monkey -- substitute! Made with a pudding base and incorporating fresh bananas and walnuts, it will also give you your chocolate fix! Just don't tell the kids it's only 117 calories :)
Calories Per Serving: 117
WW Points: 3
WW Points Plus: 2

Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies
These cookies are incredibly delicious and packed with fiber! For only 100 calories, they're not only low-cal, but are also full of nutrients, as they use chick peas and nut butter for the batter!
Calories Per Serving: 100
WW Points: 2
WW Points Plus: 3

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