Couch-Like Object Thing? Oh, you mean a futon!

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Perhaps you recall a certain tiny Wicker Park apartment. While the Herman Miller Setu Lounge Chairs were undoubtedly fancy, they were also surprisingly unfit for the space. Here's a word to the wise: when you've got hardly any space, (1) don't pick any furniture that swivels, as moving pieces will magically always be in your way, especially when your apartment is crooked (like this one -- the chairs would randomly end up facing the wrong way!) and (2) don't pick furniture with ottomans, as those seemingly tiny pieces of furniture take up precious square footage in a tiny space... and it's easier to trip over things in a small area, too (ow!).

For now, we've opted for a quick fix. The Setu chairs will take up residence in the studio... because, after all, what room in one's house should be fancier than a freaking studio? (Answer: None!) Without the Setu chairs, we have room for a couch-like object. You know, somewhere where you can sit... or lay... or dump a few bags of groceries. The ability to have a multi-functional space was not there with the Setu chairs, so having a futon in their place is actually proving to be quite perfect.

Things that are awesome about this swap:
  • Fancy Setu chairs are in a fancier location... where the dog doesn't roam and the clumsy Carly doesn't lounge, drink-in-hand...
  • There's technically now a "bed," in the event that a human (friend, sister, brother) dares to lodge in this tiny space for a night...
  • While the Setu chairs only provided a solid chair for two people, the futon can fit at least 4 (but it depends on how big everyone is!).
  • Futon = under-couch-storage! There's about a foot of room under the futon, so it would be totally feasible to buy a few low and wide crates or bins to shove things in and stash under the couch. 
  • Futon = multi-functional! People can sit there. You can even set your drink on it and it doesn't spill -- we've tried it! We have also grown accustomed to coming in and dropping our bags, coats, or groceries there for a moment, while we get our bearings. 
  • Great view of the kitchen and TV!
  • Furniture no longer swivels right into your body as you walk by.
  • No more ottomans to trip over... (unless Justin wants some leg room... see below!).

I will never speak ill of WalMart again. On second thought, I'm bound to break that vow the moment I begin waiting in line there... so I'll amend it to this: I will never speak ill of online futon shopping with WalMart again. That better? I suppose it would help if I told you that we paid just over $200 for this at WalMart. 

That means that I won't feel as bad when I break it. :-/


  1. In case anyone is wondering... This is the Emily Convertible Futon. Jeeezz.. I had to do some serious research to find that out.

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