Hanging Pot Racks (Probably The Best Deal I'll Get All Year...)

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Tiny kitchens are the worst. After a hilarious episode of House Hunters in Minneapolis, I've now re-coined the term "One Butt Kitchen." You know what I'm talking about... those kitchens that are obviously meant for only one butt at a time. Well, that's what we're got to work with. 

On top of being a "One Butt Kitchen," cabinet space was slim pickin's. We installed a spice rack, shelving, and a hanging rack for coffee mugs under a cabinet... but were still stumped as to how to free up space and make the small space we did have more functional. 

One of the biggest "pain points," so to speak, was the pot-and-pan storage. The under-the-counter cabinet situation involved one large but totally not functional space. This lead to piles of pots and pans and the one you wanted was always squeezed between all the others. Everything was a lot of work... and noise...

...until I found an amazing deal. I ordered this Innova Classicor Wrought Iron Oval Pot Rack (yes, that's its full name. Sort of like Prince Edward VanHalen Lichtenstein the Third) for under 40 bucks.

We installed it by putting in four hook screws, then hanging the fixture from a large chain.

Before & After:

And of course, I had to grab a shot from underneath. I feel like I should be cooing like a little baby, staring up at my pretty little big mobile.

The light we had initially hung over the stove is now somewhat displaced. It's currently hanging along with a rarely used pot... just in case we decide we still want it and want to hang it more "chic"-ly from the rack. Any suggestions? :)



  1. I suggest you swap out the light and the picture behind the stove. Replace the picture with a sconce light that will direct light directly onto what your cooking, since the potrack will block some of your overhead light.

    If you want more color in that corner, then I suggest, instead of the picture, you tape off and paint a square "backsplash" in a very high-gloss, easy-wiping kitchen paint. Maybe in gray.

    Even if you do not cooking with much oil, browning meat, steam, etc. combine with dust and pasta sauce platters to make a filmy dirty nightmare near stoves. You need function, form, and easy cleaning. (Think about why real kitchens have tiles or steel backsplashes).

    Looking good, though. Nice job, guys.

    1. Ah, that sounds amazing, but unfortunately it's a rental and we can't do any painting!!! Perhaps on the next place...... I do like the low-budget idea, though!

  2. I'm with Mr. anonymous and suggest you cover the two walls with Formica for grease splatter and remove the picture and install two sconce's in place of, for a cleaner look.

    I too have one of worlds smallest kitchens, LOL!!! and have no way no how to add a pot rack. So I do commend you for your action and keep up the good work.

    Just my opinion, I think a double bookshelf pot rack would have served better for this project.

    1. The pot rack was so easy to install, it just involves putting s-shaped screws with hooks into the ceiling and using some chain to hang it!!!
      Yeah, if my lovely boy wasn't 6 foot 7, we would have opted for something that had multiple levels... but, with such a tall giraffe -- I mean man -- we had to go with something that could stay as high as possible so he can easily bend over the stove without hitting his head!

  3. Pot racks are an excellent way to keep your pans neat, organized, clean, and within easy reach. And best of all, they come in a wide array of styles to match any kitchen layout and personal style. Here are a few of the options available to you.


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