Memphis in 30 Seconds, Free Jewelry, and a New Banner!

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Yeah, I know I usually only post once a day, but I've got some news to share with ya! You know, things like free jewelry (umm, yes please?), a new banner (sometimes inspiration takes hold of ya!), and a 30-second visual recap of my trip to Memphis this weekend!

Free Jewelry

Did you hear about the giveaway? I'm teaming up with Scene Not Herd to give away some awesome jewelry. It's free if you win! To enter, head on over to this post and leave a comment! You can comment up to 4 times before the end of the month!

New Banner

How do you like it?! I'm working on making the Createlive brand a bit more apparent... this is the first in a laundry list of small changes you might be noticing over the next few months! Get excited :)


For those of you who didn't know, I was in Memphis, Tennessee this weekend. I was in town for an alumni seminar... but, obviously, we made sure to get out of the classroom and into the city! Here's my trip in animated gif format. Have 30 seconds? Here ya go!! (It keeps repeating but the clip technically begins in the car with Justin, on the way to the airport!)

*For the record, I worked out 3 times (once each day) on this trip... but only plagued you with one hilarious -- err, embarrassing workout clip in there. You are hereby and forevermore banned from making fun of said workout clip. Mark my words!  By the way, coming soon is a great travel workout using a simple rubberized workout band! Get fit on the road, my friends! To buy the workout bands now so that you have them for your summer trips, click here!
*Included: Justin's Car, O'Hare International Airport, Memphis Cityscape, Rhodes College, Nail Bar, The Pyramid (soon to be a Bass Pro shop), The Flying Saucer, More Rhodes College, Central BBQ, Marriot Crowne Plaza Hotel, Automatic Slims, Beale Street, Silky O'Sullivan's, Bosco's, Memphis International Airport.

For those foodies out there (come on, this blog is pretty much half food...), here are a few shots to tease you...

Clockwise from top left: BBQ Chicken Nachos at Central BBQ, "Butterfly" Martini (Vodka, grapefruit juice, mint leaves, basil leaves) at Automatic Slims, Tuna Tacos at Automatic Slims, "Diver" (who even knows what is in there? seems to incorporate beer, wine, liquor, and some kind of cherry juice) at Silky O'Sullivan's.

BBQ Chicken Nachos at Central BBQ -- because I know you wanted a closer look!

A few more Instagram-dumped shots:

Yes, don't I look good for being 72 years old (how old I'd be if I graduated at 22 in 1962)?

Elvis made an appearance at a grad party in the Peabody Hotel. 

Reppin' sweet home Chicago! :)

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