"Scene Not Heard" Jewelry Inspiration and Giveaway? Yum!

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We're giving something away again! 
Here's an interview with Holly, the designer behind the jewelry at Scene Not Herd (clever name). 
Comment or like us on facebook for an entry! See below (bottom of the post) for more details! Don't miss your chance to win :)

How did you first get "into" making jewelry?
"I'm a middle school math teacher by day. I found that I was frequently wearing the same cheap necklace from the mall as my students and decided that needed to stop. As my husband was in med school and our accessories budget was pretty non-existent. I decided to get creative. A friend and I signed up for a jewelry making class through the local adult education program and learned the basic techniques. The rest is history..."

Do your students still play into your jewelry-related fashion sense?

"Although I no longer wear the same stuff as my students, a lot of the pieces are inspired by them...phrases like "Oh Snap!" from the camera necklace and "Fierce" from the T-rex piece. I like to think my jewelry has a bit of vintage charm and an air of sophistication while keeping it fresh and young at heart."

What are your favorite pieces?

"My recent favorites are the pocket watch necklaces. I love that they double as a watch. My stamp as an artist is the tiny tag that can be customized completely. I love making pieces for people knowing that a message might make all the difference in the world. Little inside jokes and special names remind me how precious our friends and family are- we can never tell them enough."

Can you tell us more about hand stamping metal (as seen  on the jewelry above)?
I got into hand stamping metal a little over a year ago. My grandad was cleaning out his workshop when he found a tiny box of metal stamps that had belonged to his father. These things are ancient a little hard core...the font isn't sweet or feminine; it's gritty and tough. I like to pair the characters with a little flower or pearl to balance things out. I'm not overly romantic, and these pieces feel like an expression of who I am. Strong enough to wrangle middle schoolers in the inner city and sweet enough to charm my husband.

Giveaway - Green Flower Earrings

We're hosting a giveaway! If you want these earrings, leave a separate comment for each of the following activities. Each comment counts as one entry! The giveaway will be closing on 5/31/2012 at 11:59:59 pm.
  1. Leave a comment telling us what inspires your fashion sense (nature? kids? trash on the side of the road?)
  2. Leave a comment telling us what your favorite piece of jewelry is (is it an heirloom necklace from your grandmother? perhaps a painted stick necklace or DIY silver and gold hoops?)
  3. Like Createlive on Facebook and leave a comment letting us know!
  4. Like Scene Not Herd on Facebook  and leave a comment letting us know! 


  1. I would have to say my fashion sense is inspired by comfort and practicality. I like to look nice, but I also like to be comfortable. And I'm usually chasing around a one-year-old...so it has to be practical too. :-)

  2. My favorite piece of jewelry (besides my engagement and wedding rings) would be my Meredith College class ring. It is a classic onyx and every Meredith graduate has the same exact ring. It is a symbol of our sisterhood and it is very dear to me.

  3. My fashion sense is inspired by nature...I LOVE wearing anything floral, with lots of color. I also like to be comfortable and and dressy at the same time; cotton dresses with a little bit of lace or ribbon are spring and summer staples for me. ccravins @ hotmail dot com

  4. My fave piece of jewelry is a white heart pendant necklace with a painted pink rose with little hints of gold. It just goes with everything!

  5. Liked Scene and not heard!

  6. I have terrible fashion sense! It's inspired by the clearance rack!

  7. My favorite piece of jewelry is a tiny silver angel that my grandfather gave me when I was born. Sadly we weren't as close as I'd like, but I still love that necklace and that at one time he truly loved me.

  8. Inspired by the current 'trends', mixed with classic/vintage. Pretty much whatever catches my eyes!

  9. some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are 1) a necklace with my name engraved 2) pearl studs 3) crocheted statement necklace. Totally classic but fun!

  10. I need new jewelry! this ones are beautiful.....

  11. what inspires your fashion sense--- well, first off I love simple classic pieces. jewel tones go really well with my red hair so I stick with those. Also I really just like pieces that are slightly different or something about them stands out to me.
    sarahvanl @ hotmail.com

  12. what your favorite piece of jewelry is--- my go to pair of earrings are silver fake giant diamond studs. Can't go wrong.
    sarahvanl @ hotmil dot com

  13. I Like Createlive on Facebook

    sarahvanl at hotmail dot com

  14. I liked Scene Not Herd on Facebook
    sarahvanl at hotmail dot com


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