Happy Birthday Mom! (And get ready for some BBQ Tofu!)

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Yesterday was my mom's birthday. In my family, we never miss a birthday... and, ever since I was a little girl and had to bring a picture of my mom to sleepovers in order to make it through the night, I guess you can say I've been a little obsessed with my Bonnie Lass. So you can surely bet that when it came to her birthday, we did it right!

We met up at P.F. Chang's for a bit of birthday fun. Here's my beautiful mom while reading a homemade card (what other kind is there?!)...

My brother picked my mom up for dinner with a bouquet of red roses in the passenger seat, a birthday card, and a candle. What a guy, right?

Next... would be a high-flash image of my mom and I, which Justin tried to follow up with a better one...

...only I apparently could not keep my eyes open or my mouth closed for long enough to get a good photo. Oops!

...but having a camera at dinner necessitates numerous candid photos, doesn't it?

My mom is an avid runner and loves the dirt path near our house. We got her a Polar exercise heart monitor and watch. It monitors your heart rate, fitness zones, calories burned, etc. Very neat tool for anyone who enjoys exercise!

Here's the first image of Justin and I in which he is actually doing a better job smiling than I am... Congrats, Justin :) It's a momentous occasion!

Oh right. And the food. THE FOOD. P.F. Chang's spiced us out, my friends. I mean, I accidentally bit down right into a pepper... and my mouth will never be the same.

That said, at least they don't fail you on portion sizes...

And, despite the overload of spice, the Birthday Girl seems happy!

What would a birthday be without blowing out the candles?!

Make a wish...

Get excited...!!

Blow it out! :)

All in all, here's to a wonderful birthday and a happy mom! May all your wishes come true :)

In the spirit of P.F. Chang's amazing stir-fried madness, I was inspired to post a delicious recipe that feels like Asian fusion... without all the calories of fried rice or breaded meat. Come back this afternoon for BBQ Tofu over hot Tri Color Quinoa!


  1. Lovely pictures! Happy birthday to your gorgeous mum! Its my mom's birthday today :)
    June Wants It All

    1. Thank you... & Happy Birthday to YOUR Mum! :)


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