Protein Heavy Meals

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Hey there boys and girls!

If you're a workout junkie like me, protein is king. At least, it should be, if you're hitting the gym and need to repair your muscles on a regular basis. There is a multitude of options for protein-packed items at any local grocery store or GNC... but eating the same protein bars and protein shakes day in and day out can get not only boring but also expensive.

Alternatives? Of course there are. Here are a few protein-packed recipes that you can dig into this week!

Friends and family will thank you for this delicious, cool summer treat... not only is it a luxurious taste, but it's also filled with natural protein from Greek Yogurt and additional chocolate protein powder.

Chocolate pancakes with bananas mixed in are a dessert-like breakfast in their own right... your breakfast guests will never guess that they're low-carb and full of protein.

Carrot cake in a glass. Enough said, my friends.

A traditional Swiss breakfast, Muesli is like the fancy cousin of oatmeal... and with chia seeds mixed in, this breakfast or dessert is full of protein.

Grab one of these on your way out the door for a delicious, filling, and high-protein snack.

These peanut butter double chocolate chip cookies will satisfy your afternoon cravings and keep you full for hours! :)

It's my favorite combination on toast... and my favorite combination in a shake! Try this Peanut Butter Banana shake with cinnamon sprinkled on top for an afternoon snack or post-workout shake!

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