How To Open and Cut an Avocado (And 6 Avocado Recipes To Practice Your Skills)

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Have you ever tried to open an avocado - perhaps to top a delicious salad or make some garlic guacamole - only to spend five minutes peeling and slicing it and end up squishing it all over your hands?

Fret not, my friends. There is a way! Don't be fooled, there is a right way to open and cut an Avocado!

Step One: Use a sharp knife to cut the avocado in half length-wise. 
  • You'll end up with two symmetrical, tall halves.
  • If you happen to make a mistake and cut it width-wise instead of length-wise, don't panic! You can still follow all of the steps below.

Step Two: Use a knife to cut intersecting lines in each side of the avocado "meat."
  • You will end up with a pattern that looks like a grid, forming numerous squares in the avocado.

Step Three: Use a spoon to spoon out the avocado cubes.
  • Using the spoon, get as close to the shell as you can, then scoop underneath the meat from one side to another and dump the cubes into a bowl.

Step Four: Eat!
  • Now that you're an avocado pro, try the recipes below!

Question(s) of the day: 
What's your favorite avocado recipe? Do you have a good one you want to share that's not yet in the post? Link it up by commenting below and I'll include it in a round up of avocado recipes this summer!

Happy avocado hunting!


  1. This is awesome! I always make such a mess! Your the best for posting this!

  2. I found your from pinterest, thank you for posting. Am excited for those recpoes! I heard you can make avocado deviled eggs or avocado mayo. I dont have a recipe but would love to see one!
    xoxo Michelle

  3. Oh my gosh. Totally going to make those turkey burgers and that mexican bowl - actually, everything looks fantastic. Buying avocados tomorrow :)

  4. Yum! This all looks delicious! I need to try the avocado grilled cheese! :)


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