Let's Sweat! (And be accountable for it)

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Let's do this accountability thing, people! It's time to fess up. 

My Week In Workouts
Friday: REST (the entire week before had zero breaks)
Saturday: Interval Run, lots of active outside activities at the beach
Sunday: Body By Science (Weight Lifting for Arms, Legs, Core), Abs at the gym, 20 minute Intervals on Stationary Bike (Revised Megan Fox's Butt Workout)
Monday: 30 Minute Abs Class, 20 Minute Stationary Bike, 15 Minute Stair Master (I did the first half of a Stair Master Sprint workout)
Tuesday: 3.6 Mile Run, Insanity Cardio Abs Video (~20 Minutes)
Wednesday: "Good Morning" Cardio Set x 2, 20 minutes Abs
Thursday: REST

Your Turn!
Leave a comment below - maybe you comment as anonymous, maybe not - but tell us how your workouts were this week! What did you do?

Fitness Ideas?
If you're looking for workout ideas, check out my fitness page, buy some new workout videos, or try one of the following FREE workouts...

So what about you?
How were your workouts this week? (Or what was your favorite?)
Don't forget to stay accountable! :)


  1. Great idea! It's tough to remember every workout this week. Let's see...

    Friday: Can't remember! I think I ran...?
    Saturday: I definitely ran, but I forget for how long.
    Sunday: Rest
    Monday: 17 minutes on tradmill (I got bored), strength training (to make up for poor treadmill performance)
    Tuesday: 40 minutes on treadmill
    Wednesday: Zumba
    Thursday: Strength training

    It's more difficult to remember a week's worth of workouts than I realized!

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  3. Along with workout program, you have to pay a big attention to what ou eat and enough resting. Add to your diet more protein.


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