The Olympic Challenge - Exercise While You Watch the Olympics

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I'm a big fan of multi-tasking. I love hopping on the stationary bike with a good book... ellipticising with an episode or two of Friends or Keeping Up With The Kardashians... and doing ab exercises while watching an episode of Girls or Weeds. I'm also known to workout all the time while watching any TV show. And it always works quite well.

So when I was watching the Olympics last night, it dawned on me that, if I can get a great workout while watching the Kardashians stuff their faces at a fancy restaurant, watching Joey eat pizza, or watching any of the numerous illicit acts in Girls and Weeds, a workout during the Olympics would take the cake. After all, what inspires a workout more than watching the world's top physical specimens compete for gold?

Plus, it gives you an excuse to watch more Olympics. :)

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The Olympic Challenge: If this... then that...
If you hear a buzzer.... then do 10 jumping jacks as fast as you can (hurry and get them in so you don't miss anything!).

If someone false starts... then do jumping jacks until they sort out the mess and start the REAL race (and then you'll have to do 10 jumping jacks when you hear the buzzer!).

If an athlete's parents or spouse is shown in the crowd... then do 20 crunches.

If an interviewed athlete mentions their mom... then do 40 crunches.

If the athletes hug each other... then do 10 pushups.

If anybody cries... then do 20 pushups (and shed a tear yourself).

If you see a member of the royal family or any corgis... then do 20 burpees.

If you see anyone you think is hot... jump rope in place for 30 seconds (you might be doing this a lot!).

If the guy/girl you're rooting for wins 3rd place (bronze)... then do high knees for 30 seconds.

If the guy/girl you're rooting for wins 2nd place (silver)... then do frog jumps for 30 seconds.

If the guy/girl you're rooting for wins 1st place (gold)... then do alternating lunges for 30 seconds (and do the next challenge during the playing of the national anthem, if they're from your country, too!).

If you hear your national anthem played... then do a plank for the entire thing!

If the commentator says something stupid or obnoxious... then do alternating switch kicks for 30 seconds.

If someone sets a new world record... then do 20 burpees as fast as you can (hey, someone just set a world record in the Olympics, you can sure as hell do 20 burpees).

If someone sets an Olympic record... then do 10 pushups.

If someone says 'Once in a lifetime'... then do high knees for 30 seconds.


If a gymnast didn't stick the landing... then do 8 tuck jumps.

If someone falls off the balance beam... then do 10 lunges per side (hey, you'd be able to stay on the beam, right?!).

If one of the gymnasts has a wedgie... then do 10 straight footed squats and 10 PliĆ© squats.


If you see or hear of Michael Phelps... then do 8 tuck jumps (and don't forget... if you think he's hott, you'll have to jump rope in place for another 30 seconds!).

If you see or hear of Ryan Lochte... then do 20 jumping jacks (and don't forget... if you think he's hott, you'll have to jump rope in place for another 30 seconds!).


If someone wipes out on the hurdles... then do 8 tuck jumps.

If someone's face looks like it's going to melt off... then do butt kicks for 30 seconds.

If Usain Bolt is mentioned or shown... then do 10 burpees.

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