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Let's do this accountability thing, people! It's time to fess up. 

This week, my friend Kelsey was visiting from Texas (along with her boyfriend, Murphy). Because we're both workout fanatics, we started the week with a workout and kept it up pretty consistently. We managed to get in everything from running to Ab Ripper X, from Insanity to Turbofire

In honor of our successful workout week (which you'll see below, along with workout suggestions if you run out of ideas), I wanted to share two tips to staying in shape, rain or shine! 

Make an exercise date with a friend to keep yourself accountable!
Kelsey and I used to live by this during college. We made a date - and even chose which workout we would do, sometimes weeks in advance - so that we would both follow through with showing up, sweating it out, and making it through the workout, no matter what. Having a buddy will not only make you more likely to show up, but it will also allow you to push and encourage each other, giving you both a better workout! By planning in advance, you'll also avoid the dilemma of wasting time or skipping workouts simply because you're not sure or can't decide what to do that day.

Exercise outside by protecting your computer and doing a workout video in the rain!
Some of you are fortunate enough to have a large area in your home for workout videos. Others are like me and live in tiny city apartments where doing a group video would either break your furniture or the floor below you (or a glass that rattles off the shelf - yeah, that happened). Either way, sometimes you just need to do a workout in the open air. When you're stuck doing a workout outside with the elements - whether it's the hot sun beating down and threatening to melt your computer, or the rain that moves in and threatens to drown it - you can still do a workout video. Kelsey and I placed the computer on a chair, underneath a stairway that offered partial coverage, and then fastened an umbrella to the chair to protect the computer. Then, we did a workout video in the rain. Let me tell you, there's something liberating about sweating in the rain!

My Week In Workouts (Since the last update)
*From 7/14-7/22, I was in the Outer Banks on Vacation and totally not keeping track of my workouts. Hey, after all, everyone needs a break!
Monday: Body By Science, 30 Minute Abs Class
Tuesday: REST (Work function all day and night)
Wednesday: 20 Minute Interval Run, Stair Master Sprint Workout, Ab Ripper X, 45 minute walk around Wicker Park
Thursday: 15 Minute Turbofire HIIT Workout, 5 minute Run Cool Down
Friday: REST (Bonfire night with the family)
Saturday: Insanity Max Plyometrics, Insanity Abs, 3+ hours walking at Wicker Park Festival
Sunday: 1+ hour walk, Body By Science, 20 Minute Interval Run
Monday: 20 Minute Intervals on Stationary Bike (Revised Megan Fox's Butt Workout)

Fitness Ideas?
If you're looking for workout ideas, check out my fitness page, buy some new workout videos, or try one of the following FREE workouts...

Your Turn!
Leave a comment below - maybe you comment as anonymous, maybe not - but tell us how your workouts were this week!
Don't forget to share a tip for how you stay in shape, rain or shine!


  1. Love, Loved LOVED this post! I miss you girls :( TurboFire is one of my absolute faves! You inspired my post today! http://capturingdiabetes.blogspot.com/2012/07/fifty-shades-of-fitness.html

    Call me Maybe.

    1. Yay! I love it! Would love to share on my Facebook page today :) You rock!

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