10 Minute Abs - Free Workout Plan

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Got ten minutes today? Drop to your mat (or carpet or towel) and get one workout closer to meeting your fitness goals.

  • The workout consists of two 2:30 sets, each of which is repeated once, for two 5:00 blocks. 
  • Don't forget to stretch after your workout.

Plain Text Version:

:30... Regular Crunches
:30... 3 to 1 Crunches (3 counts up, 1 count down)
:30... 1 to 3 Crunches (1 count up, 3 counts down)
:45... Full Range Sit-Ups
:15... Rest

:30... Right Side Plank with Hip Dips
:30... Left Side Plank with Hip Dips
:30... Center Plank with Alternate Leg Raises
1:00... Leg Raise and Lower, on your Back

Need More?
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