15 Min Dessert Recipe & Puppies Who Workout

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Number one, animals and fitness.

Don't they say dogs are a man's best friend? Well, I took puppy # 2 on a run last night. As soon as I got home from work, I had a short amount of time to blow before heading up to the burbs to do some Yoga with the Bonner (Mom) and bf. So, what did I do? Put on my runnin' shoes and took this girl on a quick 20 minute run. And you know what? She is #goddamncute. And my run was #freakingawesomesauce.

Look at that face! So full of love! Makes me smile :) You know what else is making me smile this morning? Animated gifs of dogs working out... (Gifs found here)

Number two, birthdays and last minute pudding pies

My little sister leaves for Boston today (she lives there for school, bleh), and it's also her BIRTHDAY! Last night, when I was up in the burbs, I actually decided to skip the aforementioned Yoga session in favor of throwing up some streamers and getting a birthday dinner together. I know, I'm the cutest sister ever. Don't tell me, tell her!

Anyway, turns out salad and chicken aren't appropriate for a birthday dinner if you don't have some kind of dessert to accompany the meal. So, I scoured my mother's pantry, but only had <30 minutes to get the darn thing made and clean it up and finish making a big salad. That meant cakes, cupcakes, and cookies were all out. I had to get a little fancy. 

I didn't have my camera, so these iPhone pics look a little like hamburger helper. Trust me, it was delish. I used the recipe for Skinnified Chunky Monkey (uses pudding instead of ice cream), and just put it all in a pre-made crust. So we'll call it Chunky Monkey Pie. You'd eat it, wouldn't you!? Here's the recipe, for then you're in a pinch.

15 Minute Chunky Monkey Pie Recipe

Ingredients: 1 package Jello Brand Banana Pudding, 3 cups Skim Milk, 1/2 cup Chocolate Chips, 1/3 cup broken Walnuts, 1 sliced up Banana, 1 pre-made crust
Directions: Mix pudding package and skim milk together with a whisk and let set in the fridge for 10 minutes. Stir in chocolate, nuts, and banana slices. Pour into crust and serve.

Number Three, Let's Get Efficient...

I had a hard time getting work done on Monday, so when I stumbled upon this Pomodoro timer, it was amazing. Basically, you work tirelessly for 25 minutes. Just 25. Since the end is near, it's not as hard to keep yourself going, and you find yourself trying to fit as much work as you can into your 25 minute block. Then, when the timer is up on 25 minutes, you get 5 minutes of break time. Get up, do a dance, go bother the hell out of your coworkers, do lunges, read a book, listen to music, whatever. Then, repeat. I got more work done in one hour (two cycles) of this timer than I sometimes do in an entire day. Boom!


  1. what size pudding box do you use? the large or small one?

    1. I used a large one but had a bit extra, so you could also use a small one plus some cool whip (to use to add a layer on top if there isn't enough to fill it).


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