6 Skinny Cocktail Recipes You'll Love

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Not sure if you'd noticed, but today's Friday. You're probably shedding tears of joy right now, aren't you? Me too, folks, me too. I'm pretty sure Friday is my favorite day of the week, simply because there's so much anticipation for the next few days of not working. And by not working, I mean exercising, baking/cooking/making things/taking pictures for this blog, finishing my book and/or editing, doing laundry... WAIT, stop, Carly! Now you're just depressing everybody. The weekend is supposed to be about relaxing... right?

Apparently my way of sending you all off to relax is by getting you drunk. Seriously - I looked it up. I've given you cocktail recipes every Friday for almost the entire summer. No, I'm not trying to kill you.

How about, instead of shoving just one recipe in your face, I give you 6? Look, now you have choices! People love choices! It's true, I asked my mom!

P.S. If thou goest shopping this weekend, I charge thee to instagram/tweet a picture of thy shopping cart with the hashtag #inmycart. 

P.S.S. Apparently, Old English and talking about social media don't exactly mix well. Oh well. These drinks do!

1. Blueberry Chambord Cocktail

2. Red In The Morning Cocktail (Sparkling Vodka Sunrise)

3. Whiskey Sweet 'N' Sour

4. Moonlight Basil Mojito

5. Skinny Strawberry Daiquiri

6. Purple People Drinker 


  1. I have to say I have loved the Friday cocktail recipes!!! Given me something fun to run out & make to have before dinner!!!


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