Week In Workouts & Workout of the Week

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It's that time of the week! Time for you to congratulate yourself on a week of workouts well done (or find some inspiration for next week!).

In this post... 
  • my week in workouts, 
  • WOW Workout of the Week --> 10 Minute Abs,
  • workout ideas, 
  • and an 8 track exercise playlist!

My Week In Workouts (Since the last update)

WOW!! --> Workout of the Week!

  • The workout consists of two 2:30 sets, each of which is repeated once, for two 5:00 blocks. 
  • Don't forget to stretch after your workout.

Fitness Ideas
Got questions? Check out this Workout FAQ for some of the most common questions I've received via email, facebook, and blog comments about fitness.
If you're looking for workout ideas, check out my fitness page, buy some new workout videos, or try one of the following FREE workouts...

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