Let's talk about snacks, baby!

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Snack Check!
You know what? I like to snack and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I typically snack twice during the day - once between breakfast and lunch, and once after lunch before I leave the office. If you count each time I eat as a "meal," I eat at least 5 (and often 6) meals a day.

Sometimes, at around 10:30, I want myself a lil bit of this...

And then at 2:30, a little bit of this...

When the feeling hits, #whatsagirltado? Starve herself and daydream about delicious cream cheese pancakes and chopped up Andes Mints? Sounds like misery, doesn't it? I know, you'd rather be doing this...

Or this...

Newsflash: Snacking is allowed! The question is, what are you snacking on? My gym bootcamp instructor, Katie, always explains multiple versions of a given exercise move and then tells us to choose which one is best for us. As we begin the circuit, she says "Make some good choices!" That's what snacking is all about, right? Make some good choices. Here were my choices for this week!
Blooming Teaposy Tea: Beverages count as snacks, too. That 300 calorie frappaccino? Or even a 150 calorie latte? Yes, they're calories, so yes, they count. Lately, instead of hitting up Starbucks, I've been running off of tea. See that thing in the top left? No, it's not a sea urchin. It's teaposy blooming tea, and  I can re-steep it between 5-10 times. At zero calories, it's my current beverage of choice.
Honey BBQ Smart Fries: I saw these at T.J. Maxx (they get me every time!) and grabbed them for $1.99. I have to be honest, they're sort of like small styrafoam worms with a tiny bit of seasoning on them. They're decent at first, but after a while start getting old. It was worth a try, and I really don't mind something that leaves my self control intact!
Salad: Yes, those are mango chunks in my salad. And strawberries, blueberries, almond slices, feta cheese, yellow onion, and spinach. With Asian Ginger dressing for 35 calories per tablespoon. Salad as a snack is wonderful because, if you put enough fruit in it and top it off with cheese and nuts, it's actually filling and meets most of your body's nutritional needs. 
Oranges: Totally my favorite snack right now. I have a few sitting on my desk at this very moment. They're low calorie, but totally refreshing and I swear to you they wake me up!

Cart check! 
What'd you buy this week? Don't forget to Instagram or Tweet your cart with the hashtag #inmycart! Here are my last two trips:
LEFT: 2 bags Spinach, 1 carton Strawberries, 1 carton Cherries, 3 boxes Zone Bars, 4 Oranges
RIGHT: 2 bags Spinach, 1 carton Strawberries, 1 carton Blueberries, 4 boxes Zone Bars, 1 Orange, 1 Smart Water

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  1. Hilarious!! I love your visuals and I definitely LOVE to snack. I snack at about the same times as you. I also add fruit to my salads....gives a little sweet kick. Sone of my favorite snacks are apples slices with nutbutter and veggies with hummus.


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