Working Out & The Best Laid Plans of Mice and (Wo)Men

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It's that time of the week! Time for you to congratulate yourself on a week of workouts well done (and find some inspiration for next week!).

In this post... 
  1. FitTip (fitness tip)
  2. my week in workouts (and how on earth I allowed myself to skip 4 days)
  3. WOW Workout of the Week --> Stairmaster Sprint
  4. workout ideas

1. FitTip                                                                  
Have you ever heard the phrase "Great abs are made in the kitchen?" Well, they are. It's true, and yes, I've actually tested it. Unless you're working out like an Olympic athlete, you can't go around eating whatever you want. You can "eat through" any exercise routine, in a sense, meaning you can negate all of the positives of all your hard work. Stop doing that!

From now on, when you go grocery shopping, keep telling yourself that "Great abs are made in the kitchen." As you fill your cart, steer clear of anything that is too high in sugar, fat, or sodium. Stock up on fruits and veggies. When you're waiting in the checkout line, snap a pic and tweet it, facebook it, or instagram it with the hash tag #inmycart so we can all keep each other accountable!

2. My Week In Workouts (Since the last update)      

Lesson: Skip Working Out When You Feel Like Crap!
You'll notice I skipped four - yes, four - days of working out this week. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I was pretty darn sick. I started getting a really nasty head cold on Thursday, so I told myself I shouldn't work out in an attempt to convince my body not to get any sicker (because doing lots of cardio can lower your immune system - something you definitely don't want to do when you're feeling a sickness coming on. Then, I just kept getting sicker and sicker. Generally, I try to never skip more than one day in a row, but I allowed it. Still wish I'd been healthy enough to work out, but... the best laid plans of mice and (wo)men, eh?

WOW!! --> Workout of the Week!                      

Try out the above "Stairmaster Sprint" workout. While I've given you a suggested speed/setting and heart rate, try your best to prioritize the heart rate. Most machines will give a fairly good estimate of your heart rate if you keep your hands on the metal heart rate monitors during your workouts.

Also, keep in mind that age plays into your heart rate zones. To find out your target heart rate zones, review this post (which is also the post that explains the Stairmaster Sprint workout).

Fitness Ideas                                                             

Got questions? Check out this Workout FAQ for some of the most common questions I've received via email, facebook, and blog comments about fitness.
If you're looking for workout ideas, check out my fitness page, buy some new workout videos, or try one of the following FREE workouts...

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  • Cardio - Basic
  • Other Workouts
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