5 Random Things!

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1. Last night, bf and I went with his buddy to Taste of Peru. It's a hike, up in Roger's Park, but well worth it. Eric's friend Raphael is Peruvian and plays classical guitar. He and his buddy were the entertainment at the restaurant. We ended up eating and drinking (it's BYOB), then watching the qualifying game for the World Cup, which was Peru v Argentina, with the restaurant owner and his employees after they closed. The irony here? We'd brought Argentinian wine...

2. Having your wisdom teeth taken out actually sucks. At said restaurant, bf and friends wanted me to try their hot sauce/salsa. Problem: The bread is crunchy. Bf ended up giving me the inside soft parts of his bread to dip. But still. Sucks. Plus, it meant I was pretty much confined to ordering soup. I had Chupa de Camarones (sp?) also known as... shrimp soup. Nom nom.

3. #inmycart ARE YOU DOING IT? I went to Dominick's last night and filled up. There are some naughties in there because I baked for some people at work for a bake-off. I promise, I didn't eat them. Okay, maybe one brownie...

Included: Wasa Crackers (two kinds, what up), Fat Free Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing (for the delish salad recipe I posted yesterday), family size of hummus (half of which bf pulverized within 5 min of walking through the door), brownie mix, vanilla extract, coconut extract, whipped cream, cocktail cups.

4. I'm riding the Fat Tire Ride of Lake Geneva on Saturday. It's basically like a bar crawl on a bike (yikes). We're driving up to LG on Friday night for dinner and staying in a condo with my parents and aunt and uncle, then staying over Saturday night as well and finding our way back to the Windy City on Sunday! Should be fun! If you're in the area, sign on up!

Tavern Stops: Champ's, Shifters, The Owl Tavern, Gordy's Boat House, Chuck's Lake Shore Inn, Harpoon Willies, Lucke's Cantina, Pier 290, and Mars Resort

5. Did I mention getting your wisdom teeth taken out sucks? I'm sitting at work, nauseous from the pain meds, and still me teefs huwt. Wah :( Any suggestions?!

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