Designing Room Space with FloorPlanner

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I'm Moving!

In general, and especially with cooking, I like to go with the flow. Mostly because preparation feels too tedious. For example: "You mean I have to measure the sugar? I don't *think* so! [Dumps sugar in]" Or... "I have to go to the store and buy coconut oil? Screw that, I have applesauce!" 

Crap, I got off track. Let me back up... First, I should say that I'm half Type A, half Type B (trust me, it's relevant). Don't let that fool you into thinking I'm in between, though. I'm either insanely structured or flying by the seat of my pants. One or the other. When it comes to cooking... and measuring and coconut oil and following directions... I'm the latter. I simply can't be bothered by measurement and rules.

But, when it comes to moving, I'm Type A all the way. I have this whole idea in my head of how the space will look: strategies for optimizing floor and wall space, how to place the dog's water bowl in the prime location so that I never have to walk through her dribble again, how to ensure that I can see the TV from the couch, the other couch, my desk, and from the cut-out window in the kitchen.

So what do I do? I lay it out. I draw it. I sketch it. I put it in a computer and design it. You need proof?

Why do I do this? Because I don't want to waste any time trying to decide where to put things, and I don't want to make things difficult by trying to boss everyone around as they help. Instead, I want to be able to show them where things go, so that they have an idea of the layout and can place things on their own.

Enter Floorplanner. It's FREE (the clouds part and the angels sing, no?). It's also totally easy to use. Once I've designed my space, I "Print" it as a PDF, save it to my computer, and print it out.

Here's the finished product:

Yay! Some things I should explain...
I'm planning to take a few pictures of the place empty and bare naked in all its vulnerability tonight (sounds wrong).

So what about you? When it comes to moving, are you Type A or Type B? And how do you keep yourself organized?


  1. I LOVE Floorplanner! I used to read floorplan books as a child and look at floorplans to distress to this day. Fun fact.

  2. In my job, I talk alot about style and how some people are traditionalists. The example I often use is how some people just keep moving their furniture around for the sake of moving it, while others think about optimal placement and then the chair pretty much stays there for the long term. I get the feeling you would be open to change if you thought it might bring a better outcome, but you don't want to be moving your stuff around all the time!Am I right?

  3. I like Designing Room for my home and I look it as a part of interior design


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