Fat Tire Memorial Bike Tour

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This weekend, we did the Fat Tire Memorial Tour in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It's an awesome combination of biking and drinking. Pretty much everything a girl could want in a Saturday morning!

In short: It's like a 20+ mile Pub Crawl. On Bikes.

My Uncle found a great cabin up in the area, so we drove up on Friday night to have dinner together and drink at the cabin/cottage in a group.

On Saturday morning, we fueled up with delicious muffins. Hint: When you store-buy muffins, pop them in the oven (like my Aunt did) for a few minutes to warm them up! Makes the house smell like heaven *and* you get to technically say you baked them!

As we left in the cars to head over to the starting line, we had a flat tire. Seriously. A FLAT tire on the way to FAT tire. These two changed the tire in less than 5 minutes, and we were on our way.

Here I am, acting like a dork as usual, with my free TopShop sunglasses and the badass black hemlet my lovely mother got for me at Target.

The first stop was Champs Sports Bar and Grill, where we got our maps and each had a Bloody Mary. Here I am with my mom and aunt. 

There were Slim-Jim-Type-things that had holes in them. Meaning it was a STRAW for your Bloody Mary. There's like... nothing better. I mean... how genius.

Every stop looked like this. Bikes on bikes on bikes.

The second stop was Shifters Bar and Food, where we stood outside in the sun and drank... yes... another beer. We also decided to have a team theme next year and all be Lady Godiva. We'll see how that goes...

And then what? More bike riding! Here's my Uncle, Aunt, and Momma. My Uncle was making a hilarious hand gesture, but... alas, my iPhone is so jam packed with images that it takes 5 seconds to take a freaking picture, so I missed it. 

Stop three? The Owl Tavern. Where the girls took over both the Women's and Men's bathrooms, and basically told the men to eff off and pee in the woods. Which they did. Like, all of them.

Cans of Corona were in hand, and fun was had!

After Owl Tavern was Chuck's Lake Shore Inn. We had some delicious lunch. When in Rome, right? Or Wisconsin. 

It was the best Cheeseburger I've had in at least a year. Which is my way of telling you it's the ONLY Cheeseburger I've had in at least a year. Delicious.

Oh, and more beer. Can't forget that. It is, after all, drinking and biking. This was the first place where we actually sat for an bit. 

And then? You guessed it! More bike riding! Here are Justin and my mom and dad, racing along.

Then we went to Pier 290 and Harpoon Willie's, both of which I have no pictures of. On the way to Pier 290, I was suddenly attacked by allergies. Like, disgustingly unable to breathe. I sat at Pier 290, sneezing loudly and drinking my beer with tears in my eyes like a total wimp. Note: In the image below, there are tissues stuck into my sports bra. Not because I was padding my bra (ha), but because I needed clean tissues to be easily accessible as I rode. Loser, I know.

Then we stayed outside at Harpoon Willie's while we waited for the group to have a beer. Instead of beer-ing, Justin and I each chugged two bottles of water. Seriously, drinking plus exercising equals dehydration. 

Next, we went to Mars. Seriously. Like the planet. Or the bar on Lake Como.

Mars was awesome. My dad beat us there, so he snagged a great table in the shade and on the water, where our entire group could set up camp. Pretty sure we stayed there for an hour at very least, because I drank three Coronas without turning into a mess, so I must have had time to recuperate. Good logic, right? 

Then what? Well, I bet you can guess. More bike riding! Ding ding ding! But since I've already shown you two random shots of people biking, here's a shadow shot. The primitive cousin of mirror shots. Way more hip, methinks.

By the time we got back to Champs, we had a delicious pulled pork sandwich and headed back to the cabin/cottage (ugh, what's the difference?). Of course, this meant more tequila and socializing. And more pictures of girls.

After an entire day of drinking, there's really only one way to do breakfast. BIG. My Aunt made Huevos Rancheros. What? Picante Enchilada Sauce with Sauteed Onions. Brown Rice. And Pinto Beans. Fry eggs in a pan and then place in the pan of Enchilada sauce to cook for another few minutes and stay warm. Then, spoon onto plate and eat with tortillas!

 And that's the end! The Fat Tire ride was thrilling!

Since I always do this on Mondays, here's a week in workouts:
Monday: 2 hour Bike Ride
Tuesday: Skip
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: 1 hour Elliptical
Friday: Skip
Saturday: 20+ Mile Fat Tire Bike Tour (OBVIOUSLY my favorite!)
Sunday: Body By Science (Weight Lifting) and 15 minute Stairmaster
Monday: 30 Minute Bootcamp, 30 Minute Abs

What was your favorite workout this week?!


  1. So jealous, Carly! This looks like such a good time and naturally I approve of the stop at Owl Tavern! ~Whitney

  2. Carly: I would love to know if you have an UN-cropped picture of your Uncle, Aunt & Mother as I believe there is something to their left that I would like to see. Thanks for sending it if you have it, keller1917@gmail.com.


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