Update on Sickness and Wisdom

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Guess what? I'm sick! Seriously. For the past few days I've been swimming in tissues. And crying. Like this.

And... drumroll please... I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled! Yeah, sucks doesn't it? A few weeks ago, while sitting at my desk at work, I was talking and my cute lil tongue was flopping around in my mouth when I realized... I have an extra tooth in there! That's just not right. Imagine my surprise upon realizing I had an extra tooth...

And then, upon realizing that not only do I have one extra tooth, but I also have three more that are waiting in the wings, just begging to pop onto the stage, all of which must be semi immediately ripped out...

Why am I sharing this? Well, first, because I know you miss me and are wondering where I am and what I'm doing and what I'm eating for lunch and what color my toe nails are (joke... but really, they're painted teal right now). Second, and less jokingly, because I skipped posting yesterday (sick girls don't post, right Fergie ferg?) and might not be posting tomorrow, either.

Why? Because I'll likely be drugged. And looking a bit like this.

Oh behave. The drama! Don't miss me too much :)


  1. Aww! You poor thing! Feel better! I have never gotten my wisdom teeth & the last time I went to the dentist there was no sign of them but I'm going here in a few weeks & I'm scared they will see impacted wisdom teeth or soemthing :-/ Yikes! But, I hope you feel better & make sure you follow the dentists orders so you heal fast!!!

  2. Love the visuals, particularly the Bradley Cooper one!! Feel better soon!


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