Fitness Tips & Week In Workouts

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Happy Monday! Back to the daily grind, and a week full of workouts and awesome meals. Or maybe a week of sitting on the couch and eating Oreos. Up to you, I guess...

I haven't done a Monday Fitness post in about two weeks because of my moving fiasco. That's a pretty poor excuse, but... deal with it! I'm back. 

In this post: A week of my workouts and a few fit tips. 

A Week In Workouts:
  • Monday: Spinning Class, 1 hour
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Yoga
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Stairmaster Sprint, 1 hour
  • Saturday: Spinning Class, 1 hour
  • Sunday: Body By Science (Weights), 20 Minutes Elliptical
  • Monday: Spinning Class, 1 hour

Did you notice I'm enjoying Spinning Classes? Yeah. At my new gym, they have a room dedicated to Spinning Classes (I guess most gyms do if they offer spin), so they seem to have a ton of Spinning options every day. Because, I mean, why not, right? Anyway, I need to cool it on the Spin Classes. My butt is going to... well, fall off or something.

Tips of the Week:
  1. Pre-cook your meals. That way, you guarantee you'll be getting nutrition without letting the hassles of life get in the way (running out of time, getting too busy, being too tired to make a meal). It only takes 1 hour on Sunday, and it means the world to your fitness. Great abs are made in the kitchen, my friends.
  2. Be adventurous. Try a Spinning Class! Or if you already 'spin,' try yoga. etc. Change it up and make your body adapt to something new.
  3. Eat breakfast. Just do it. It's really not that hard. Suggestions: Make yourself eggs. Half egg whites, half with yolks, then add some spinach and cheese (and more if you're fancy). Too "busy" for that? My breakfast this morning: Erehwon Rice Twice, Almonds, Chia Seeds, and Strawberries thrown into a bowl with Coconut Milk. Tastes like Strawberry Shortcake Soup. For Breakfast.


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