Happy Hunger Games... And May Halloween Be Ever In Your Favor

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Happy Almost Halloween! On Saturday, we went on a pub crawl with my parents and another couple. Justin and I went as Effie Trinket and Seneca Crane.

I have to admit, I've been planning this costume since August. I've never been so proactive about Halloween before... but, while watching a clip from The Hunger Games movie, it suddenly dawned on me. I went on an Amazon spurt and bought everything I needed.

If you're out of ideas, or just want to wear the most amazing costume in the history of Halloweendom (ha), here are my Effie Trinket tips:

Effie Trinket Makeup:

I watched this video tutorial for doing Effie Trinket's makeup. I didn't follow it to a "t" but tried to do what I could. In short, the most important things to nail are...

  • Get white. Seriously, Effie is paler than the moon, so I bought the very lightest powder i could find and tried to whiten my face as much as possible. You could use a combination of white face paint and base if you want, but I decided to avoid greasy face paints and just go with the powder, since it's already set for daily use and I didn't want to freak my face out.
  • BRIGHT pink blush, blended up the cheek bones and later connecting with the eye shadow on the outsides of your eyelids.
  • BRIGHT pink eye shadow. I ended up using some of my blush on my eyes, too. Be sure to blend the eye shadow all the way up to your eyebrows, and then spread it outward toward your cheeks as well.
  • Deep purple eye shadow for the outsides of your eyes.
  • Shiny white eye shadow for the insides of your eyes.
  • Fake Eyelashes - the crazier, the better.
  • Lips? In the video tutorial, she used paint to get the lip color right. I didn't have paint available, so I used a short cut. First, I put on a layer of moisturizing lipstick that was a purplish color. Next, I used qtips to add eye shadow - yes, eye shadow - to my lips. On the outsides, I added a layer of shimmery light pink (almost white). Then, on the inside, I did a line of dark purple down the center. Surprisingly, this color held quite well. I only had to reapply once all day (and we were dressed up and going from noon until almost midnight).

Effie Trinket Props:

  • Shiny or velvety textures in bright colors. I opted for a deep pink shiny dress with a jacket that was purple and a furry overcoat. Anything peplum style, with a small waist and large puffy shoulders, would also work.
  • Tights. Especially white ones. After all, Effie is pale as heck. 
  • Gloves. I grabbed a pair of lacy black gloves, but a pair of long shiny or velvety gloves would also work.
  • Nails. Anything interesting. I did a layer of green, let it dry, then taped off a triangle at the top of the nail and painted blue over it.
  • Lottery ticket! I wrote "PRIMROSE EVERDEEN" on two Nordstrom tags glued to each other, so that the white sides turned out. Then, I threaded a ribbon through it and tied it around my wrist so I wouldn't lose it.
  • WIG! Search for a blonde wig that is short and curly. Technically, Effie has a little blonde rat tail, too, but I opted to ignore that because I wasn't willing to ruin a good wig.
  • A large flower pin/barrette to add to the front of your hair.
  • If possible, a Mockingjay pin. You can buy a Mockingjay pin on Amazon or draw and cut out your own. If you decide to draw your own, print out an image from this page and then use it to trace the pin onto another sheet of paper like a stencil.
Image from Bookshelves of  Doom's Mockingjay Tutorial

Seneca Crane Costume: 

  • Bought a red shirt, then wore a black vest over it.
  • Cut a section from the back of the red shirt to pin diagonally across "Seneca's" chest.
  • Part hair in the center and use a lot of gel to keep it in place.
  • Beard: Either grow out a beard and trim it to the right shape, draw it in with eyeliner, or do what we did: we bought an Abraham Lincoln beard and cut it to the right shape. The sideburns went up too high, so we used the excess to create the mustache shape. I would suggest using spirit gum to stick it onto your face, even if you bought a sticky fake mustache  because it makes it last much longer (and lasts through a lot more sweat).

Alright, enough about Effie and Seneca. 
What about you guys? What are you being for Halloween?

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  1. oh my gosh!! this is the best costume i have ever seen! you are adorable!


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