Bathroom Blues - 8 Tips For Bathroom Decor

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Well, I vowed to share my entire apartment. Every single room in it.

And, at first, it seemed like a weird thing to photograph and share my bathroom. But, hey, it's blue.

Plus, instead of putting our toothbrushes in an ugly, pale pink, ceramic toothbrush holder (admit it, you know what I'm talking about), they're hanging out in a mason jar. Hipster bathroom statement at its best.

But, now is when the dramatic music should start playing. Something with an orchestra. Something epic that should have been in Star Wars. Because the next image is creepily glorious.

Yep. The commode. It looks like a royal throne. Notice the cactus. Love the cactus. I pretty much blatantly neglect it, yet it lives on just by soaking up the shower steam. Can I get an "Amen" for low-maintenance plants? 

So far, my favorite thing about this bathroom is how light and relaxed it feels. The walls were already a light blue when we moved in, so we decided to keep it simple by adding very little to the room. Bathrooms are meant to feel clean, after all.

Our grandmothers got the wrong memo when they started adding frills and toilet seat covers and pretty little flowers galore. Fun fact about grandmothers and bathrooms: My grandmother used to have an embroidered hanging towel in her bathroom behind the toiled that said: If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down. How gross is that? Yeah, let's but the kabosh on embroidered bathroom reading material.

In closing, here's my "bathroom list" of completely random tips:
  1. No embroidered reading material
  2. Keep it simple - less is more
  3. Need a plant? Return of the Cacti, my friends! Yes, that's the second Star Wars reference in a post about my bathroom. It's a talent.
  4. Keep shower bottles to a minimum by trashing or storing anything you don't use. Group all items in one place or corner of your shower/tub.
  5. If you're up for it, a clear shower curtain will help the space feel bigger by letting more light pass through the bathroom. We opted for one that is mostly clear, but has a square design on it that distorts your... ahem... image as you stand in the shower, just in case. Here are a few similar finds: One, Two, Three
  6. Light colors help light multiply in your bathroom's small space
  7. Find a more creative toothbrush holder. Take a stand against those salmon colored ceramic pots with toothbrush holes in it. Try a mason jar, or another tall, decorative cup. Here are a few ideas:
  8. CANDLES! For the love of everything that is good, buy at least one candle and put it somewhere obvious in the bathroom. Consider leaving a box of matches nearby, too, just in case your guests decide to light it for... well, whatever reason they might have to light a candle in the bathroom. Not only is it cute, but it's functional, too!

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