Homemade Watercolor Cards

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Last weekend, we had a "Housewarming Party." In preparation, we did a few things, like mount the TV to the wall (yay!). 

As usual, with Housewarming Parties, comes awesome housewarming gifts. And, as usual, with gifts, come thank you cards.

And, as usual, when it comes to me, it has to be DIY. It's like my personal signature. 

I stopped by Blick on State Street on my lunch break and picked up a few supplies:
  • Blank Cards ($3.99)
  • Watercolor Paint ($6.99)
  • Martha Stewart Baker's Twine ($3.99)
  • Washi Tape ($3.99) 
I also ended up using these supplies, which I already had on hand:
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Passport Stamps
  • Stamp Pad, black

All of the cards are different. I started out by randomly painting the cards with blues, greens, and a smidge of yellow. Thankfully, watercolor paints dry fairly quickly, as long as you don't over saturate the paper. Within ten minutes, I was ready to tape, stamp, and write.

I randomly added Washi Tape and stamped on "Thank you" as well as a few randomply placed passport stamps.

I also tied the green and white twine around the spines of most of the cards, forming a cute bow on either the inside or outside.


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