Industrial Shelving Displays

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Almost a year ago, we found a set of 3 metal, industrial-looking shelves at a thrift store in Holland. It was one of those love-at-first-sight kind of relationships from the get go. I was immediately smitten. And proceeded to impulsively purchase. I know, you want proof. Here I am, four-score-and... well, just one year ago, standing in the middle of the thrift store with my new found love. How excited do I look?

For $12, we swiped the set and put them up in the kitchen of the Wicker Park apartment. It was a wonderful kitchen addition, because the kitchen in that apartment was horrifically small, boring, colorless, and lacking in shelving. The shelves were a kitchen-saver.

But then, we... you know... moved. And our new kitchen is not so boring. In fact, it's much larger... has more than enough cabinets for us (seriously, I think there are still one or two EMPTY cabinets, it's just got that much storage)... and is very fun and colorful. See, here's a picture of it, bare naked:

Now, that kitchen doesn't need a set of silver shelves. For a while, we considered putting them up in the entryway, but ultimately we decided we'd prefer for them to be placed somewhere that is visible from as many points in the apartment as possible. If we hung them in the entryway, they'd only be fun as you came or went.

So they ended up next to the window in the Living Room. We centered them and then hung them at equal intervals.

But really, this is not about shelves. It's about the things you can put on shelves. It's like a miniature museum of your home's most beautiful objects.

What'd we try to include? We focused on incorporating a variety of subtle and bold colors, all of which pull from the Unwithered painting (over the brown couch).
  • First, a brown vase that's left over from last year's "Alternative Christmas Tree" project (which you should check out if you're looking for a more modern way to decorate this year... shameless Christmas plug).
  • Also included is the wonderful vintage camera I purchased during that same Holland Thrift Trip.
  • A pair of cute blue and white wooden Dutch shoes (bf is Dutch and bought them for me in Holland when we first started dating).
  • A ceramic owl that has the same blue and white painting style as the wooden shoes. It's a tribute to my sorority, Chi Omega (hoot hoot).
  • An orange-dipped water glass from Crate and Barrel outlet (for only #6? Hello, momma!).
  • A small cactus from Home Depot, topped with two tiny pink flowers.
  • A bright green watering can (though I shouldn't call it a "can" because it's plastic!).

Anyone else have a good story about displaying your tiny trinkets? Share it with me! 


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