Ronald McDonald Volunteer Day

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Today was a wonderful day! A group of my coworkers and I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House. For those of you who don't know, it's a wonderful charity-and-donation-run home (more like a hotel, with 80+ rooms) that accommodates families with children who are receiving treatment at Chicago hospitals.

Just inside the third floor is a crazy musical wonderland. Those dots on the floor, see them? Well, when you stomp on them, they play music. My coworkers insisted on (attempting to) make their own music!

For this wonderful home, we decided to show up and cook a meal. What better to make for a huge group than tacos, right?

I'm sure you all know how to make tacos. But making them in bulk is a slightly different thing, I suppose. Step one: Season lots and lots and lots of meat.

Step two: Cook it! We had 3-4 full pans of ground beef going at once, which we slowly transferred to a warming/serving tray.

Step three: Chop stuff. Lots of it. Tomatoes, onions, lettuce. You name it.

Step four: Heat the tortillas. We decided to heat them over the flame, then transfer them to a basket lined in foil and covered in foil. They kept warm quite well.

Step five: Set everything out and serve!

More important than the food, however, was meeting the people there. Meeting little kids and families who were so grateful for our visit.

Watching my coworkers play with the children was the cutest thing ever.

 It was all orchestrated by this lovely woman. Thank you for such a wonderful day! :)

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