Skyfall Advanced Screening

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Bf and I saw an advanced showing of Skyfall last night. I only get today to gloat, so bear with me here. The movie was (obviously) awesome. It's a James Bond movie, after all, so it's bound to be filled with beautiful people, creepy characters, awesome scenery, and badass cars... that end up blown to bits, as usual.

And Adele's amazing voice during the always epic Bond song. It's been stuck in my head all morning.

The invitation was from Cadillac, who hosted the event in order to gain enthusiasm for their new line of cars, Cadillac ATS. They ran the event through Klout, which is how they found me (and a hundred other Chicago area folks who are social media nerds).

The invitation said "Red Carpet," so I was a touch confused, at first. What does "Red Carpet" mean? Do I have to dress up? Not to mention that I squeezed in a Stairmaster Sprint at the gym, so I had ~30 minutes to get ready (including the shower). The invite didn't specify black tie or anything, so I decided to go halfsies. I wore tights, a cute dark gray dress, and a faux fur jacket. Oh, and the greatest Stella and Dot earrings on the face of the earth, courtesy of my mom.

After we got our wristbands, they gave us free tickets for the event and food/drink. Once we got upstairs, there was a "Cocktail Hour." Seriously. Cocktails before a James Bond film. What could possibly be more fitting?

And yes, my friends. There was a red carpet. There weren't any celebrities on it, but it still felt awesome to walk on red. I sneakily snapped a pic for you as proof. :)

What about you guys? Are you planning to see the movie? What are your weekend plans?

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