Creativity and Lettuce Tacos, With a Little Bit of Kundalini

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How was your weekend? 
Mine was wonderful, with just the right combination of activity and rest. Friday, fiance and I went on a date. Then, Saturday, we did an insanely hard Spinning class, then I went to Blogger Book Club, and then we had dinner with one of our fave couples at a schwanky restaurant in West Town. Yesterday, we relaxed, had a yummy breakfast at The Breakfast Club, and tried our first session of Kundalini Yoga!

Delicious spread at Blogger Book Club, hosted by Kelsey

Yummy dinner at Leopold in West Town

Swirlymon Coffee at The Breakfast Club

Creativity and Kundalini? 
Yesterday, fiance and I decided to take a yoga class at the gym. Neither of us were feeling up for anything highly aerobic, because we were both absolutely wiped and needed a day to rest. So, we saw something called 'Beginner's Yoga' (we are not beginners, mind you) on the schedule, and decided to give it a try.

Totally not what I was expecting. As it turned out, the instructor taught Kundalini Yoga. I know, you thought the "Kundalini" in the title was an Italian dish, didn't you? I don't blame you. Fun fact, though: I don't like Italian dishes. I legitimately dislike pasta (notice there are like zero pasta recipes on my food page).

Anyway, apparently, Kundalini as a yoga practice is meant to "cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak truth, and focus on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve and heal others" (yes, I'm quoting Wikipedia again). Most of what I got out of that explanation was the part about cultivating the creative spiritual potential.

So, what's the deal with Kundalini Yoga? It was just alright. The instructor had us do small repetitive movements for about 2 minutes each, combining it with breathing techniques. I'll admit that I did feel some heat in my arms, and, at one point, in my abs... but, when I'm spending an hour in a class, I expect a bit more than that.

That said, who knows. Maybe my creativity has been increased in its wake. Who knows what kind of magic I'll whip up today?!

Lettuce Tacos? 
Fiance loves himself some Turkey Tacos. They're lean, they're mean, and they're just darn good. It's been our Sunday Night meal for a while now.

But there's one thing I just don't love about it, which is what I call the vehicle. The taco shell, itself (or it-shell-f? ha). Just as your car is a vehicle to get you to Hobby Lobby (loveeeeee), the taco shell is really just a vehicle to get that turkey and cheese goodness into my oh-so-happy mouth. I could eat more of the turkey and less of the taco shell.

Enter large lettuce heads. Bib lettuce, if you will. I grabbed a head of it for $0.99 at the grocer. Now, I can get my fill on that delicious protein, instead of spending on the carby carb carbs.

It's kind of like if skinny fish tacos and turkey lettuce wraps had a baby. You could also do something similar with Swiss Chard, and it would be a bit more hearty, so you could really load those babies up with meat.

Really, though. Check it out. His and hers tacos?

  • How was your weekend? I want to know!
  • What have you done creatively this week - in the kitchen or elsewhere? 

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