Protein Shake Revolution - In Search of the Perfect Meal Replacement or Snack Shake for Fitness

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A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers got me very interested in the shakes she was drinking. On the side, she is a rep for a company that provides shakes that are fairly high in protein and vitamins while still filling you up and being low calorie.

As I began searching for my personal substitute, I started digging around online to find out why this brand of shakes was so successful. The most common answer? Because it not only had protein, but it also had a lot of fiber, which not only helps you feel full, but also helps you... er... regulate.

So, naturally, I set out to concoct my own shake. My goals were to create a shake with the following attributes...
  • Could be a mid-morning snack or lunch replacement - I wanted to be able to just dump stuff into my shaker bottle and take it to work with me. So, ideally, all of the ingredients would be dry/powdered in form (otherwise, I would have to deal with things going bad or getting chunky before I was ready to drink the shake).
  • Good source of protein - It didn't have to be totally jam packed, because I do get a decent amount of protein in my daily diet (thanks to these cheesecakes). But, I did want it to have at least 15-20 grams of protein, to keep my metabolism going and help me feel full while also working on regenerating my muscles.
  • Good source of fiber - Since this was one of the highest reported reasons that people liked the other meal replacement shake I was looking at, I decided that it was a good thing to keep in mind for mine. That said, it was important that I incorporate fiber without making it taste too gross or chalky. That means no Orange Metamucil, friends.
  • Easy to make - I wanted my morning routine to just involve me adding a few scoops of this and that to my shaker. Nothing complicated. No time consuming prep work.

The Ingredients and Tools:
I ordered a bunch of Blender Bottles via GNC online on one of their Friday Deals (they were $5 each). I already had on hand a few different types of protein powder, as well as things like chia seeds and PB2 which can add texture and flavor, respectively. I also just ordered some vitamin filled powder online, which I'm looking forward to incorporating into the recipe, because it will make it even better. So, here are the items I've used:
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The Method:
I either fill my bottle at night or in the morning before I leave the apartment. Here's what I've tried so far:

  1. Double Chocolate: 3/4 scoop (or 1.5 Tablespoons) Chocolate Protein Powder, 1/3 scoop (or 1 Tablespoon, as the Vega One scooper is huge) Vega One Powder
  2. Double Chocolate Mint:  3/4 scoop (or 1.5 Tablespoons) Chocolate Protein Powder, 1/3 scoop (or 1 Tablespoon) Vega One Powder. Just before adding water/milk, add 3-7 drops Peppermint NuNaturals.
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter:  1/2 scoop (or about 1 Tablespoon) Chocolate Protein Powder, 1/2 scoop (or 1.5 Tablespoon) Vega One Powder, 1 tablespoon PB2

I'm excited to try the seemingly unlimited flavor options I received from NuNaturals this week. Can't wait to share even more shake recipes with you!


  1. Hi-- With your shake recipe, what do you estimate the calorie count to be?


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  4. Such a great idea! Curious what you use for liquid...milk, water, both?

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