A Wedding Filled Weekend

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This weekend was full of two things: Wedding planning and relaxing. I know, you're already skeptical. Those two things don't really go together.

Well, they didn't. I just happened to squeeze them both into one weekend.

My weekend kicked off with one of the best things ever: Facetime with my momma and the weirdest welsh corgi to ever walk the earth. Her name is Fatbooty and, yes, she turned back and looked at the camera/phone when I called her name. Screenshot time. I'm a pinball wizard.

Friday night was extremely low key. I don't really even remember a whole lot of what went down. Basically, it was a lot of couch lounging and TV watching. We finished House of Cards (if you have Netflix, WATHCH IT! It's like Revenge, Boardwalk Empire, and Newsroom had a baby. A beautiful baby boy). Then, we watched The Americans (also awesome... so far, at least) and started Shameless.

We went to bed fairly early, which was perfect, because I had something big on the schedule for the morning...

A 9 mile run. Because I'm super ADD, I decided that if I was about to run over an hour, I needed some entertainment. HBO's mobile app (HBO Go) is currently running "This Means War." It looks kind of dumb, but I've been wanting to see it since I saw the previews. The combination of secret agents, good looking guys, and romantic comedy pretty much takes everything I love about movies and packs it into 90 minutes.

It was awesome. And I got to 9.3 miles before hopping off the treadmill.

I went home and had a quick shower. I was still getting ready (oops!) when our Best Man arrived, so I threw some make up on and we headed out the door. My fiance, our Best Man, and I went over to The Twisted Spoke for bunch.

Oh. My. Gawd. It was so delicious. We weren't hungover at all, but I was in a somewhat similar situation: After running almost 10 miles, I was starving and pretty dehydrated. Two things that tend to accompany a hangover. So, I opted for a Smoky Bloody Mary with a beer back and this delicious gem...

A breakfast sandwich on a pretzel bun. For the record, I kind of have a love affair with pretzel buns. I hardly ever order burgers or sandwiches or pretty much anything on a bun... but, when I do, I always opt for the upgrade. The menu actually had this breakfast sandwich on rye bread, but hey, when you've got prezel bun on the mind, you gotta just go with it. So, I asked them to make an exception. It was mind blowing. I'm not even lying.

After brunch, we hit up our wedding venue to have a little chat with someone there. We needed some catering vendor advice and had a few other random questions, so we just set up a meeting with Kate and got things done. As we were talking to her, I totally busted out my iPad and typed away like I was actually somebody important. What can I say? I needed to get all the details down.

Another thing that was pretty fun was peeking into our venue while they were setting up for another wedding. Ours won't be set up the same way, but it is definitely interesting to get another perspective and see what another couple's vision is.

Post-Bridgeport Art Center, we hit up CostCo. Our bill was just barely over a hundred  and I was insanely proud of that. It's dang hard to walk out of CostCo without spending your life's savings.

Sunday was also a pretty "chill" day. I had some consulting work to get done, so we spent a few hours with Shameless on TV and me glued to my computer. 

Later, my mom came down, and we went to Soul City Church. The message, as usual, was awesome. Then, we went to Branch 27 for some dinner and wedding talk.

I had a glass of bubbly while we looked over a binder - yes, BINDER - that my mom made for the wedding. More to come on that soon (wedding update tomorrow!).

We may have stayed an extra hour to have our bread pudding (free with a check-in on Yelp!) and watch the awards. Loved it.

How was your weekend?

Do you make binders for things you need to get organized? Any other suggestions?

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