Can I Have Some Food... And A To Go Box?

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Sometimes, you just have to order a to-go box at the same moment you order your food.

When it comes to life in a big city, the food options are nearly endless. I feel like I have my choice of food at any time of the day, and I will never feel that I have tried all that Chicago has to offer.

But seriously. Portion sizes. Why are you so big?

Sometimes, it's hard to stop yourself from finishing the whole meal. I recently had a lunch date with my lovely Aunt, and we hit up Native Foods Cafe. It's a very creative food joint, but their portion sizes blow my mind.

I ordered the Sesame Kale Macro Bowl, which was absolutely delicious. I've ordered it a few times before, and always end up eating most of it.

This time, I gave myself a rule. I drew an invisible line down the center of my bowl and went to town on only the right side. I dared not touch the left.

Guess what? It worked! I also ordered my to go box before I was done with my meal, so I had it sitting there, on the table, staring at me, just begging to be used.

And now? I have a delicious lunch left over. Less money spent, less calories consumed, more happy Carly.


What about you?
What are your tips and tricks for saving money or cutting portion sizes? I tend to try to save half the meal for later, or sometimes I order an appetizer portion instead of a meal portion.

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