Movie Watching on the Treadmill and other WOTDs

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Last week was a lazy week, so this week I made up for it. Mostly. 

I also ate a lot of cheese and bought some delicious ice cream sandwiches. So we should probably just call it a wash :)

30 Minutes Weights (Arms, Shoulders), 45 Minutes Pilates
I think I've almost perfected my arms and shoulders routine. It's basically a circuit of exercises that build on each other, so that there is no break in between and you don't put down your weights for about 7 minutes of arm exercises. I end up having some serious burning going on afterward.

Also, why do I love Pilates so much? Lawd, it makes me happy.

60 Minutes BodyPump
I am so not a morning person, so any time I make it to the gym for 6am Bodypump, I feel like a freaking rock star all day. This time, I totally overloaded my weights for almost every exercise, so I not only felt like a rock star, but also felt like a tightly wound rubber band all day.
Ready. To. Snap. Is it bad that I loved it?

45 Minutes Weights 

9.3 Mile Run
I woke up on Saturday morning knowing I had a full day that would start around 11. Still, I was determined to get in a long run. My arbitrary number was 9 miles, so I set out to make it happen.

I watched most of the movie "This Means War" on a treadmill. I warmed up, did mile 1 at 6.0, mile 2 at 6.5, mile 3 at 7.0, mile 4 at 7.5, mile 5 at sprint intervals between 8.5 and 6

...followed by this delicious beast:

For some reason, it's hard for me to take skip days. I have to sit there and rationalize it with myself. After the insane (for me!) run the day before, I decided I owed it to myself.

4.8 Mile Run, Body By Science
I used to take a weights class before Body By Science, but lately, I've just been running. HBO wasn't working on my iPad, so I watched a bit of The Mindy Project and I don't know what else, and ended up ringing in at just shy of 5m by the time my fiance arrived.

Then, Body By Science. I upped my weight on almost every exercise. I'm still really excited about the leg press. I upped my weight to 210, but still feel like I could have done more. It's crazy what your legs will let you do!

30 Minute Tempo Run, Arms/Shoulders/Abs Weights
I was so tired yesterday afternoon. I walked slowly to the gym and spent a solid ten minutes just changing my shoes and putting on my heart rate monitor (I had already changed into my running clothes before leaving work). I was just feeling really slow and sluggish, for some reason (read: I ate too many pecans. Can this make you cranky and slow? I'm going with yes).

I got on the treadmill and watched the last 15 minutes of "This Means War," with Reese Witherspoon, which I watched most of during my long run on Saturday. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending, but I guess it was cute. Still think she chose the wrong guy! After that, I tried to start the movie Wanderlust, with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, but just wasn't feeling it. Wop wop. Cranky.

For some reason, this workout just didn't go well. I was in a bad mood and couldn't shake it. Then, after a pretty short 30m run, I hopped off and tried to do some weights. Still cranky. Not sure what it was, but hopefully today will be better...

9 Mile Run

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