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I just realized that I'm wearing the same black shirt in half of these pictures (okay, like two, but still). I swear I am not insanitary (and everyone knows you really can't re-use the moisture wicking shirts -- they just soak up sweat and reek anyway). I promise I did my laundry and washed this shirt... multiple times in one week... I have just been throwing it into every load I run... excuses excuses...

I don't care. I love it.

Arms/Shoulders Weights Training, 45min Pilates Class
Word of the day: Peace
I've been trying to focus some of my weight training on my arms and shoulders. It wasn't a focus area of mine in the past, but now that I'm looking forward to a wedding dress late this summer, it has become more important. I also am incorporating a lot more back work.

5.5 Mile Run
Word(s) of the day: Runner's high
I did a long run on my lunch break, and it was pretty much amazing. I'm a total nerd, so I finished the last episode in the World Without End miniseries on Netflix. Stop judging me :)

This run was pretty good. I have not historically been a huge runner, and when I was somewhat into running, I rarely got above 5 miles, so this 5.5 at a somewhat decent pace was very uplifting.

2.5 Mile Run, 30 Minute CXWORX (Abs Class)
Word of the day: Sleepyhead
Oh man, no matter what I do, it's hard to make it to the gym before work. The abs class is at 630, so I typically try to make it to the gym by 6 to get in about 30 minutes of cardio before the class. Lately, my fiance has been joining me for this Friday morning routine, which has been a total treat!

Occasionally, I skip the morning cardio and head to the gym for an afternoon session, but I wanted to be all gussied up and ready for our double date that night, so I stuck with the morning routine.

6 Mile Run
Word of the day: Netflix
My fiance was extremely sick on Saturday, so I headed over to the gym all alone and left the poor guy at home in bed. After my 5.5 mile run on Thursday, I was feeling pretty inspired to try to up the ante a bit. And, particularly because I was proud of myself for drinking enough water and taking enough vitamins to hit the gym after a night of drinking, I felt like taking on the world treadmill.

I'm pretty ADHD about running, so I have to have some good old TV to watch. But, the gym TV stations don't quite do it for me. I hate running through long commercial breaks (I'm looking at you, Kardashians. Why are your TV shows like 60% commercials?), and I want my shows on demand, so I stick to my iPad. As a result, this was the day I fell in love with the Mindy Project.

200 Push Ups
Word of the day: Lazy
My fiance was still feeling sick, so we had a pretty lazy Sunday. We had a Homeland marathon and I did 20 push ups in a row at the beginning of each episode. This wasn't a huge feat by any means, and part of me feels like it doesn't deserve to be considered a workout, since I broke it up into so many pieces... but it definitely did some work on my arms, abs, and upper back/shoulders, because I felt it the next day. Thumbs up.

Body By Science (Weight Training) + Shoulders, Back, and Abs Weight Training
Word(s) of the day: Feel the burn
My fiance and I did our typical Body By Science weight lifting routine, but beforehand, I hit my shoulders and arms pretty hard. I'm planning to share an arms and shoulders routine I've been crafting that uses multiple exercises to burn out a few muscle groups, but that's for another day.

I also had a leg press PR during the last set of Body By Science, and lifted 190lbs on the Leg Press. I was mighty proud. It's nothing compared to my fiance's 720lbs (he's super tall a giant and has a strong lower body), but whatever.

8 Mile Run
Word of the day: Accomplishment
Okay, so technically, this run was just over 7.9 miles. I was in kind of a time crunch because my fiance had to pick me up to go get ready and head over to our church for a pre-marriage class we are taking, so I pushed it till the very moment I had to get off the treadmill.

I watched a few episodes of The Mindy Project, but then Hulu Plus started bugging out around 4 and a half miles, and I was starting to feel tired. So, I switched to Netflix and put on The Secret. Justin and I have been obsessed with it lately, and it was really the perfect Pick-Me-Up to get me inspired for the rest of my run.

I'm pretty sure this is a personal record for distance for me. I know a lot of you are intense runners and have run marathons and all that jazz... but for me, this is a big deal. Since being slide tacked in Soccer my Freshman year of High School, I've had a bizarre pain in the lower, outer side of my left knee that tends to flare up around mile 4. It was impressive to be making it to 5 and 6 miles earlier this week, so making it to (almost) 8 was kind of mind blowing. The power of intention and positive thinking! During my run, I just kept saying "my legs feel fine" and "thank you for such a comfortable run," etc. And it worked! This was my second PR this week, so I think I'm on a roll.

Plans: 30 Minute Arms/Shoulders/Upper Back Weights, 45 Minutes Pilates
Word(s) of the day: Good Vibrations
After watching The Secret, I've been working on the way my inner dialogue works. I'm sure I'll entertain you with a whole story later, but basically, I've been changing my thoughts from worrying about whether I'll have a good workout to simply telling myself that it will be awesome and being grateful in advance for that.
So, my plan for today is to rock my upper body and then do my favorite Pilates class.

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