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5 and a half mile run & 45 Minutes of Pilates
On Wednesday, I made it to the gym for a lunchtime run. Instead of walking, I took the trusty VW to the gym, which meant I could get there, fit in a decent run, and make it back all within a reasonable lunch hour time period. My company allows me to work from home sometimes, so on this particular day, my schedule was perfect (since my gym is closer to my apartment than my office). 

Running on my lunch hour meant I would watch just about anything I wanted, because the place was almost empty, so there wouldn't be creepers everywhere watching my screen. I ended up watching an episode of the World Without End Miniseries, which is based on a Ken Follett book. Let's just say there are a few... graphic scenes in that show, so a lunch time run was a great time to watch it.

You know the drill. I love me some Bodypump. I also love when my hair still looks good after a workout. So rare, but it happens a lot with Bodypump. It's a lot of hard work, but you're not running or doing a lot of hopping around, so your hair tends to stay in decent shape. The sweat level does necessitate some dry shampoo, though...

15 Minute Stairmaster, 30 Minute CXWORX, 40 minute Light/To-Tempo run with Netflix
This was the day I got my special new toy, a heart rate monitor. I'll save my explanation of Polar HRM vs Garmin GPS for another day (really, I think it's preference, but for my workout habits, I have a legitimate argument for HRMs... stay tuned). I know, so much suspense. Not.

Anyway, I'd done a 15 minute stairmaster workout and CXWORX before work, but then the awesome toy arrived. Once that toy arrived in the middle of the day, I was itching to try it out, so I went back to the gym. 

Thank God for Netflix, which provided the entertainment for the run. The picture below may actually be from a different Netflix run (they are frequent!), but you get the gist. My current Netflix running shows: Alias and World Without End. I'd love to watch 30 Rock on the treadmill, but my fiance and I make a point to only watch that together. That's love, people.

20 Minute HIIT
This was hardly a workout, to be honest. I'm calling it HIIT, but it really just meant that I ran out of time before my cousin arrived on the day of my Speakeasy Party (to help me set up this awesome spread!), so during the 20 minutes before she got into town, I put something on TV and did jumping jacks, jumping rope, and pretty much jumped around like a total freak. My fiance was giving me some interesting looks.

I was tired. So tired. The Speakeasy party had me up until like 3am, which is pretty rare for me. And, to be honest, the alcohol consumption was just enough to discourage me from doing anything strenuous. This day consisted of going with my cousin for her to try on Bridesmaids Dresses at J. Crew, getting Fro Yo, taking a long nap on the couch, and watching the Superbowl while eating pizza on the couch. Yeah. At least we were enjoying ourselves!

6 Mile Calorie Burn Run, Body By Science (Weights)
On sort of a whim, I decided to plan out my run (I rarely do this) and stick to a commitment to run on the treadmill until my fiance showed up. I got off work an hour earlier than he did on Monday, so I was at the gym by 5, and he typically doesn't get there until about 6. That meant I had an hour to kill before he arrived for us to do our weights routine together.

I came up with this workout and was actually really thrilled with it. By breaking everything up into mile long sections, I was able to create smaller goals for myself to work toward during the run, which made it much more enjoyable. It also meant that I burned a motherload of calories, since I was challenging my heart rate and making it rise up and lower down using intervals.

During the interval periods, I alternated between a sprint for .2 miles and standing on the sides of the machine for .05. If you add it all up, that means I really only ran 5.6 miles instead of 6.0. I don't mind it, because my body really did need those breaks during the sprints (especially since there isn't a break directly following the sprints; there's a jog). If you're trying this workout and want to actually run all 6 miles, I'd suggest lowering the pace to a walk (4.0ish) or slow jog (6.0ish) in between the interval sprints.

30 Minutes Upper Body Weights, 50 minute Spin Class
One of my coworkers teaches classes for the gym group I go to. He was teaching a Spin class at a nearby gym, and two of my other coworkers were going to it, so I hopped on the bandwagon. It was an awesome and sweaty class. I tend to judge the value of a Spin class based on how red my face is when I get out. It's a very scientific measurement, I promise.

I'm planning to go to 45 minute Pilates. 
Getting a run or some weights in after would definitely be good, but honestly, I seem to walk out of that Pilates room in such a calm state, that sometimes I just can't bear to ruin it by getting pumped up again. If you know me, you know I'm very rarely even keel and calm (I'm usually kind of bouncing off of the walls), so when I chill out, I like to cherish it. We'll see how it goes :)        

 Your Turn:
  • What was your favorite workout this week?

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