Be My Bridesmaid? Pt. 2

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Last week, I showed you how I "proposed' to my bridesmaids. It was a crafty gesture that combined dorky, sweet, and awesome (if I may say so myself).

While I'm sure you can appreciate cuteness just from the pictures of the box, I wanted to share some of the extra cuteness (squeal! ...seriously) that evolved because of the boxes. Pictures taken of or by the real girls in my wedding party who received them!

Note: I asked my girls in the order of how long I've known them. So, I started with my sister on Christmas morning, then the next day asked my cousins, then my girlfriend from High School, and then my girlfriend from College.

First, here's a cute series of images of my sister opening up her box... 
The funny thing is, we were staying in the same house this week, because my fiance and I spent a few days up at my parents' place. So, Ailie (my sister) knew I was up to something. I even borrowed a few supplies from her. I pretty much just holed up in my bedroom and got crazy with the hot glue, if ya know what I mean. :)

Next, I asked my cousins, Clara and Maggie, at a big family gathering. While everyone was distracted (probably by food), my sister and I snuck out to the car and grabbed their boxes. I pranced back inside and pretty much plopped them down in front of each of them. Sneaky Carly!

My cousin Maggie Instagrammed the above picture of her box, right after opening it, with the caption "Of course I'll be your bridesmaid, @createliveblog!" So cute.

Next, I met my friend Emily for dinner and popped the question there. She later insagrammed this picture. Instagram, meet my wedding. You're going to be on very close terms, I guess!

To ask my friend Kelsey, I had to mail the box to Texas. After receiving it, she texted me this picture...

Because I put the scrabble tiles spelling their name (or a nick name) in their box, Kelsey had the tiles to spell Y-E-S. So cute. I had no idea she even had the letters in her box to do it - it wasn't something I'd thought of - so it was a clever surprise when I got this text from her!

Anyway, now on to all of you...
  • How did you (or would you) ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding party?

And now, as I've promised to start doing, an exercise in gratitude...
Dear Melted Brown Snow Water that is all around Chicago,
Sometimes, when I'm getting on the bus, I pretend that I'm hopping over lava instead of nasty, polluted, melted snow. Thanks for making me feel like a kid again!
Love, Carly


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