DIY Custom Wedding Monogram

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A month or two ago, I started working on a custom wedding monogram. I wanted to make sure that there was something symbolic of us that marked every part of our wedding, from the Save The Dates to the Thank You Cards. Some tiny little ribbon of familiarity that ties everything together.

If you know me, though, you know that I am very particular about design, presentation, and visuals. It's something I'm passionate about, so I have a hard time handing it off, even to a professional. I also enjoy challenging myself to make things work, so I decided that I would be designing all of my wedding cards, paperie, and stationary on my own.

When I started looking around for Pinterest inspiration, I have to be honest and admit that I was not impressed. A lot of the monograms I found looked fake or mass produced. Definitely not something custom and grand.

(An early draft I was working on that didn't make the cut)

After a while, I found Wedding Chicks' templates and started playing around with this swirly design. Their template comes with just one letter inside, so I dumped it into Photoshopped and started cutting things away. I was liking it more and more, but still thought it was just too boring. Too tried-and-true. Too already-done-before.

So, I had to slow it down. This happens with me a lot. Sometimes, my creative juices just get flowing and I start working so fast-and-furious that I fail to stop, sit back, and evaluate what my goals really are. But, for my very own wedding, I knew I had to get it right.

I tried to brainstorm about the words I wanted to be associated with my wedding. After all, if this custom monogram is meant to embody the wedding in one visual cue, I needed to know what I was going for. I came up with a few phrases and words:

Classic, yet unique.
Grand, but not stuffy.
Vintage, with a touch of modern.

I know, a lot of those things don't seem to go together. But that's kind of what my wedding is all about. Combining rustic and vintage elements with modern spaces and city views. Taking something old and pairing it with something undeniably fresh and new. So, that's what I wanted to find.

I finally found an inspiring set of stationary that gave me an idea. I liked the idea of something that almost looked like a crest, with some embellishment around the sides, but still had a hard "border." And this is what I came up with:

(The winner!)

What do you think? I used a vintage looking "ring" to form the shape, which I was later told by a coworker reminds them of the look and feel of my engagement ring. Then, I used a slightly more modern font for our initials on the inside. Old meets new?  

Some of my Save The Dates are already in the mail (for close family and old friends who are coming to my Engagement Party this weekend), so you may have already seen this "crest" in action. I'm looking forward to sharing my Save The Dates with all of you, but for now, what do you think of the monogram?

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  1. Just gorgeous! I love your work. Congrats on being a guest designer, and thank you for inspiring us.

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