Friday Ten Thangs

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Happy Friday! I'm so glad we made it (that reminds me of a Shania Twain song? Dear God, please make it go away). In lieu of a cocktail recipe, I wanted to share a few things or "THANGS" with you.

1. I was in a competition this week at work and my team ended up winning $500 each. Five hundo. A small part of me things I may have "Secret'ed" myself into getting it. Meaning using the principles from The Secret, I attracted it to me.

2. Speaking of The Secret, "Secret'ed" has now become a staple word in my house. Now like secreted, which is a gross word, but SECRET'ed. As in... "I got a great parking spot at the gym!"  "Oh really? You SECRET'ed that for yourself?" Okay, maybe that was a bad example.

3. St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and Chicago will be wild (and semi-obnoxious, but I'm partly Irish, so who's judging?!) with celebration. Pretty sure I should make these Irish Cream Hot Fudge Cupcakes... the only issue being that I probably won't because I am stingy with time and hate spending too much of it in one place.

4. I bought a Gilt Deal (click here to check out Gilt if you're in Chicago and might buy it) to The Mercury Method. It's basically an insane gym in Bucktown/Wicker Park that teaches super intense classes and keeps the room at 98.6 degrees. I read their Yelp reviews (are you a Yelper? Click here to find me! Let's be friends!) before buying and they have all 5-star reviews of people saying the classes are hellish and hard, but totally worth it. I'm super pumped! But also kind of terrified?

5. My friends at Chobani sent me a whole set of Flip Cup yogurts... along with a Chobani T-Shirt and a wonderfully fancy spoon to eat the yogurt with. I immediately tried the Key-Lime flavor (so. much. goodness.) and then tried the Coconut Almond flavor the next day. Honestly, they are both so good that I can't even decide which one I like more. Okay, fine. The coconut. Twist my arm.

6. A few months ago (like, last summer), I was on a great kick of incorporating Chia seeds into my diet. I would make chia seed pudding and top it with delicious things like peanut butter or PB2, greek yogurt, almonds, fresh fruit, etc, or mix it with oatmeal or muesli. But then... I don't know what happened. I stopped. Now I'm trying to get back into it... we'll see how it goes. The past two days have consisted of a banana, cinnamon, and coconut milk mash with chia seeds and water mixed in and soaked over night. So far, so good. SO FULL.

7. Have you heard of Ellie? I've been eying them for a while - it's a monthly thing where you get a workout top and bottom of your choice for $49 (combined). I'm trying it - just for this month. They're running an all black line ("The Little Black Collection" - love that branding). I picked the Back in Black Tank and the Little Black Legging. We'll see how it goes. I don't generally dig tops with built-in bras, but after longing after LuLuLemon tops like that and how airy they look, I thought I'd give it a try at this price point.

8. What would it be like to be a dog? Why do I keep wondering that? Has anyone, like, had a dream about it and feels like they can testify to an answer? Humph.

9. Y'all (yes, that was necessary), I have a confession to make. I can't peel bananas. You know that fancy thing where you put pressure on the top to pop it open? Can't do it. Have to have a knife to split it open. Embarrassing. Now you know.

10. My parents are throwing my fiance and I an engagement party this weekend! So excited to see what they threw together. Apparently my sister (with the beautiful handwriting) is making name tags. Watch out, people. It's gonna be wild. ;)


  1. I've been eating chia seed pudding for breakfast a lot lately. It's sooo good and keeps me full for so much longer than oatmeal.

  2. Let me know when your Ellie stuff comes in and if you like it! I have been debating trying them because my Lulu addiction is expensive.


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