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Guys, I got really hot this week. Yeah, that's right - I'm punny this morning.

Nonsense aside, this week was way different than my normal workouts. In fact, if you were to compare it to previous WOTD posts, you'd think I were a different person. Why? I didn't run once.

Workouts for the week! Never mind "At Home DVD," because there was no DVD involved... just dance moves.

Despite having the best intentions to start my Mercury Method deal last Wednesday, I just couldn't kick whatever cold or virus was attacking me. I ended up eating almost a whole pizza and sleeping all day. Seems fair, right?

Self-Guided Cardio - 45Minutes
Wearing a heart rate monitor, I burned about 400 calories in my living room just jumping around and... well, dancing. My fiance and I were watching The Americans and I grabbed a jump rope, put my shoes on, and started moving. Not the fancy, fluid, perfect moves of a Zumba instructor. No, this was much more... uh... raw. I was pretty much doing it Liz Lemon style...

Mercury Method "Strength" Class [Instructed by Natalie]
I finally started my 6 Day Mercury Method deal on Friday and it was... well, glorious. As it turns out, I'm pretty sure that this Strength class I started with is my least favorite of the three classes they offer. That's by no means an indication of how bad this class is... just an indication of how great the others are. Also, this instructor has a beautiful British accent. Doing a workout in almost a hundred degrees while being told what to do by a Brit? #Reaganing

Super Red-Faced thanks to The Mercury Method

Mercury Method "Stamina" Class [Instructed by Meredith]
On Saturday, I tried Mercury Method's "Stamina" class and thoroughly enjoyed it. I took a "Before" picture with the intention of taking an "After," but my brain was in such a calm state after this class that I didn't even remember to take one.

Yeah, I was that girl who takes a selfie in the bathroom.

Mercury Method "Control" Class [Instructed by Jacob]
So far, this was my absolute favorite class. I was extremely sweaty, but three glasses of wine the night before and too much coffee the morning of could also have contributed to the sweat. My body was in serious detox mode.

I've mentioned a few times that I'll be doing a Mercury Method review... and I know you're probably thinking "Aren't you pretty much doing that now?" Well, the answer is no, I'm not. I actually have a bit more detail about the classes and the instructors to share later, once I've tried them all (I have yet to try the instructor who designed these classes, Lara - that's today's class). So... wait for it.

Anyway, Jacob was insanely helpful and walked around correcting form and fixing posture and making sure everyone was kicking their own ass. It was perfect and I left extremely satisfied.

Mercury Method "Control" Class [Instructed by Natalie]
After loving Control on Sunday, I was pretty pumped to go back to Control on Monday. It was the only time I could make, so I didn't have much of a choice, but I figured it would do double duty on my abs. It did not disappoint. I was on fire.

Ab Ripper X
We had a Potluck with a group of other engaged couples at our church, so I didn't have time to hit up Mercury Method. I got home at about 4:30 and we had to leave by 5:45, so I busted out an Ab Ripper X video (courtesy of P90X) and finished prepping what we were bringing (Chickpea-based Cookie Dough Dip).

Mercury Method "Strength" Class [Instructed by Lara]
I'm pretty pumped to go back to Mercury Method today, because I will finally be taking a class from Lara. She's the badass who opened this place and designed the workouts, so I'm expecting it to be even more amazing with her at the helm (yeah, Lara, if you're reading this... get pumped! and be nice to my wrists...).

What about YOU?
  • Have you ever tried "Hot" room workouts? What did you think of them?
  • Have you ever used a limited time deal to kick start your workout regimen?
Dear Body,
Thanks for not only being 'okay' when I totally change things up on you, but for actually responding WELL to it. You make me want to be a better... man. Err. Woman.


  1. I saw a Groupon for this place and wanted to try it - but didn't! Looks fun!

    1. They actually have an awesome 6 classes in 6 days deal that goes on permanently, so you could still try that for cheap - only $6 total for 6 days!


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