My Engagement Party!

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My parents threw us an engagement party this weekend, and it was absolutely wonderful! I woke up on Saturday morning and had a nice run on the treadmill in my parents' basement (we had driven up to their house on Friday night). Naturally, there was some watching of Alias.

Afterward, I had a quick body shower and threw some makeup on.

Then, I went to a salon near my parents' home. I had an appointment for a blow out and a bit of curling.

My hair went from a nasty, post-run mess to va-va-voom in about 45 minutes. My stylist, Nicole, was super sweet and we chatted away about wedding planning the whole time. That topic is an easy bonding opportunity for most strangers. Thumbs up.

When I got back to my parents' home, I pitched in and helped put the finishing touches on the party decor. My aunt and uncle and their family had driven up to help, and my cousin Clara was also in town, so we had all hands on deck.

My sister spent a lot of time this past week buying decorations and props, and and my cousins put them all together. My cousin, Maggie, got fancy with the hot glue and it all came together.

I was thrilled with what my sister put together. I'm not having any wedding "colors," it's all a lot of neutral colors, so we kept things light. White flowers, white candles, and bird cages.


My sister picked a variety of white hydrangeas and roses, and my cousin distributed them into about 12 mason jars, which were scattered around the house. We also put out a lot of shiny photo-frames and spread the flowers all around the house.

My sister went all out and hand made these name tags. The girl has seriously wonderful handwriting.

Justin and I were initially name-tag-less, because we figured people knew who we were if they were coming to our engagement party. Then, after about the fifth person who asked me where my name tag was, my sister whipped up some tags for us so that we matched the rest of the guests.

Because my fiance's family is from Michigan, there were a lot of people who didn't know each other yet. So, a big reason behind throwing the Engagement party was to get people to come together and get to know each other. The name tags were part one. 

Part Two? Booze. Obviously. It's like human glue.

Can you tell we're related? #SISTERS

A few hours into the party, the food arrived. My parents catered Mediterranean food and it was delicious. People ate it up and raved with positive "reviews."


The rest of the night went by in a bit of a blur. It's hard to feel like you spent enough time with each guest when there are so many people you love around you. But, I think that, under the circumstances, we did a pretty good job.

Also, I just have to point out... You know how I take a ton of pictures? Well, so does my future MIL, and she's a pro. God bless my fiance, who grew up with a snap happy mom and is now marrying another snap-happy woman. Too. Funny.

And there you have it!
  • Have you ever been to an Engagement Party? Did you or someone you know have one?

Dear Engagement Party,
Thank you for being the reason to get so many people I love all in one place. I felt showered with love just because of their presence. 


  1. FAB! you look GORG! Gimmie that dress! Where's it from??

    1. Thanks gfrand! It's from... wait for it.. H&M! Boom. :)

    2. Haha, Cam's name tag kind of looks like it says "Bride's Mother"

  2. What a wonderful party! Congratulations on your special day!! xx. McKenna Lou

  3. Wow, just the start of the year of matrimonial celebration with you two! Loved meeting Justin's family. (Quite proud of the fact, I made the top 10 photos of the event ;)


  4. Congrats! You look gorgeous. And I absolutely love those name tags! What a fun idea!


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