Scenes from the Weekend

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We had a late night (read: wine) on Thursday, so Friday morning's running and CXWORX were a total no-go. A bit later (after work), I hit up the gym for a new class.

Ballet Barre. For those of you who do Pure Barre or Barre Bee Fit, you're pros. Me? I've never done a ballet barre class before. Even as a child, I was always second fiddle to my sister when it came to dance. I've always avoided any classes that involve Hip Hop or Zumba.

I was obviously pretty excited to try it out. We used small, 4lb weights, and a 9lb bodybar, as well as a mat for ab work toward the end. I'm honestly amazed by how quickly the class went - I think it was a lot of work for my brain to keep up with the dance lingo and mirror the moves that I had no time to get bored.

Afterward, I had a quick shower at the gym and headed home to snatch up my fiance. We had plans to meet my aunt and uncle at Havana on North Clark street for dinner and mojitos, so I quickly threw my hair up and we hopped on the Grand bus.

Havana was delicious. I ordered Carne Asada and saved half of the steak for lunch this week. Justin had a pork dish, my aunt had a tequila steak dish, and my uncle ordered chicken that came with plaintains. So, we pretty much had it all covered. Oh, and did I mention half priced mojito pitchers? It doesn't get much better than that.

When all was said and done, and the mojitos were done and drunk (ha?), we had a pretty slow start the next morning. We did some TV binging as we downed some coffee over some beautiful hydrangeas our neighbor gave us.

I threw together some Peanut Butter and Jelly Fudge (using honey, protein powder, prunes, nuts) for Sunday's book club. To be honest, it didn't quite turn out how I expected. I found the recipe by following a blog recommended to me by Chobani, and am pretty disappointed with how the recipe turned out. Psh. For someone who doesn't usually follow recipes, this wasn't a good time to start. 

Before I headed out to the gym, I cooked up about 10 chicken breasts for the week, some with taco seasoning and some with greek seasoning, and chopped them up.  I threw together this taco chicken salad and was only able to eat half of it before heading to the gym for my run. Guess I did too much taste testing with the fudge... Oops!

I had a pretty good run at the gym. I watched most of The Lucky One with Zac Effron, which was cute and, while not the most brilliant thing ever, was at very least entertaining enough for an 8 and a half mile run. I was planning on 9miles but had some really weird calf pain toward the end. Who knows, it may have been nothing, but I'm still fairly new to distance running so I decided not to push it.

After the gym, we hit up CostCo and came away with some serious goodies. I made us some baked berry crumble using frozen fruit and added some plain greek yogurt and almond butter.

Unfortunately, since I've recently started an acai cleanse, I had the need to add some solid food almost immediately after eating the berry crumble soup. So, I whipped up some english muffin cheesy garlic bread. 150 Calories and DELICIOUS. Did I mention Sriracha?


The next morning, we cleaned up and made delicious breakfast before I went to Blogger Book Club.

Look at those noms. Delicious, right? Can't quite remember what's on that plate... marinated mushrooms, quinoa and guacamole salad, fried polenta with a goat cheese sauce that was delish, a brussels sprout and kimchi salad, spanikopita, some kind of sweet potato pancake, a cheesecake bar... I can't even. Now I'm full just talking about it.

Oh, right. And the wine! I loved these wine charms Erin had at her place... so cute.

Afterward, my fiance and I lounged around before hitting up Grandview Tavern for dinner and a few drinks.

And now for the gratefulness...
Dear Showtime,
Thank you for making "Shameless" so unbelievably gross-nasty and sad that I no longer want to watch it. That will save me many hours next season, which I can spend on much more productive things!

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