Ten Things Tuesday

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1. DO YOU LOVE RYAN GOSLING? Then do not, for the life of you, watch "All Good Things." That movie will make you hate your life and Ryan Gosling at the same time. My fiance and I tried to watch it, and... let's just say he is creepy and, dare I say it, unattractive. Yes, that's right. I said it. It IS possible for Ryan Gosling to be unattractive. Sorry, girls. Also, did you know he is Canadian? I had no idea.

2. I've been so freaking lazy this past week. Like, just not wanting to work out. In fact, I pretty much just want to eat toast. So, in an attempt to GMST (Get Muh Sh*t Togetha), I put together a plan. I'm a total excel addict, so naturally this happened in excel form and became color coded. Speaking of being lazy, please note that I took three days off this past week. I seriously never do that. Naturally, this next week is a bit more intense than usual. We'll call it Operation GMST.

3. Can you believe I left my apartment and walked to work today with this hair do? I had to hop in and add this picture as soon as I got here and realized that I looked like a freaking rooster. My fiance didn't even notice as I walked out the door looking like a crazy person. What gives?

4. I'm a total follower. My friend Kelsey sent me this picture on Sunday...After which I promptly purchased Jillian Michael's "Hard Body" on Amazon. Planning to try it... eventually. Crap. Guess I'll have to fit it into Operation GMST.

5. Chia seeds. I'm obsessed. I like it with frozen berries. I like it with jelly. I like it with bananas. I like it with peanut butter. I like it with coconut flakes. Shoot. I just like it. Why does it taste so freaking good and make me so freaking full? I don't even want a morning snack between bfast and lunchie anymore. Planning to post another recipe this week. :)

6. Also... Kettlebells. Dying to try this workout. But am always a little too nervous to try it at the gym. Perhaps I just need to buy my own? (Here I come, Amazon...)

7. Feeling like you don't have much to offer? Maybe like you don't have the right credentials or you aren't as awesome as you think you should be? Check out this group of total 'losers' and re-evaluate how awesome you are. Ready, set, go: “Abraham was old, Jacob was insecure, Leah was unattractive., Joseph was abused, Moses stuttered, Gideon was poor, Samson was codependent, Rahab was immoral, David had an affair and all kinds of family problems, Elijah was suicidal, Jeremiah was depressed, Jonah was reluctant, Naomi was a widow, John the Baptist was eccentric to say the least, Peter was impulsive and hot-tempered, Martha worried a lot, the Samaritan woman had several failed marriages, Zachaeus was unpopular, Thomas had doubts, Paul had poor health, and Timothy was timid. That’s quite a group of misfits, but God used each of them in his service.” (From Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life).

8. Heard of Miracle Berries? Apparently, it's some kind of berry from Africa that, after being ingested, makes everything taste wonderful and sweet. Seriously? It sounds like a drug. I'm tempted to order it in tablet form (called "Miracle Frooties") and have a try. I mean... a berry that makes everything taste amazing for 1-2 hours? Shoot, I could finally finish the celery in my fridge...

9. Let's talk about GIRLS. Am I the only one that got totally sick of Hannah's mental issues? I feel like that show was on a hilarious path and then suddenly they decided to make her a new kind of crazy. Stick to one kind of crazy, people. That said... (1) I am super happy for Marnie, and seeing her face at the end as she stared at her lover was kind of heart string tugging because I totally know what it feels like to look at someone and be like... #damni'mlucky. But at the same time, UGH she is still so annoying. (2) Way to go Shosh. The moment when she suddenly screamed and stood up out of her chair during her fight with Ray was priceless. (3) Best line of the season? "I was always here." So, there IS someone who doesn't want her to clean up when she breaks a glass! That's what they were going for... right?

10. We're in the market for a new bed for Hazel, the dog. While surfing the net, as the kids say (ha), we stumbled upon this bed. WOW, that dog is happy. And so refined, with the fire in the backround. I'll bet he reads many leather bound books. I guess I should buy that bed because then MY dog will be that happy and refined, right? 

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  1. I love GIRLS! But I totally agree that I am sick of Hannah's mental drama...I was loving the show but then the last few episodes have been kind of odd. I did enjoy the finale though...Shosh is my favorite and cracks me up, and I was also enjoying the Marnie stuff too. I just really can't stand Hannah..

  2. I love chia seeds too! They're perfect for breakfast and keep me full for forever!

  3. I really enjoyed the first season of girls... and then I got a few episodes into the second season and couldn't handle it. The writing went waaayyy overboard. It started to focus really heavily on Hannah, and the more I watched the less I liked Hannah. Like I want her to leave and the show to be about everyone besides her.

  4. Dive in and try Kettle bells! It's really fun, promise:)


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