TGIF NuNaturals Giveaway - 4 Winners!

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Happy Friday, folks! I, for one, am pretty darn thrilled that I made it through the week. We can all rejoice - because it's Friday! For some reason, I enjoy everything more on Friday, and even the biggest annoyances can't get to me. Can't touch this... TGIF.

Today's post is a double celebration. Not only am I celebrating my favorite day of the week (yes, I like Friday more than Saturday), but I'm also celebrating a GIVEAWAY!

NuNaturals is my new favorite thing. Not even kidding. I've got about 4 containers sitting out on my counter, two in my purse, and a shaker full of powder at my desk. When recently asked what my favorite item in my kitchen was, my fiance suggested, "Those container things you have a bunch of everywhere." Hmm... container things = NuNaturals. Completely natural and safe, ZERO-CALORIE flavor sweeteners that you can add to... well, just about anything.

So what's the deal? Four - yes, FOUR! - of you will receive four bottles of NuNaturals, each :)
  • (1) one bottle of Lemon Flavored Stevia Liquid
  • (1) one bottle of Orange Flavored Stevia Liquid
  • (1) one bottle of Peppermint Flavored Stevia Liquid
  • AND (1) one bottle of their brand spankin' new Chocolate Flavored Stevia Liquid

There are 5 ways to win! Enter here...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you wondering how you'd use them?
Thought you might wonder -- so I've been using them in posts and recipes for the past few months. You can also use them to substitute in anything that requires sugar or stevia - click here for my recipe page to check some of those recipes out!

Orange Whiskey BOKO Cocktail
1920s Champagne Punch

ThinMint Protein Shake
Chocolate Coconut Iced Coffee


  1. I love liquid stevia! Hubby likes his healthier lemonade - juice from 1 lemon and some lemon stevia in a large glass of ice water...mmm

  2. I hope I win! I hope I win! I hope I win! :-)
    These are delicious.

  3. I am obsessed with iced coffee. I must try that chocolate coconut version you posted. Looks soooooo good!


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